Monday 16th April 2012

Gosh, what a busy meeting we had!  We had a very informative pow-wow to discuss the favourite parts of our Easter Holidays and how many Easter eggs we got – loads by all accounts!!  We had a show and tell with a post card from Hamburg that 2 of the Brownies had sent to Daffodil; and some post cards that Daffodil received from her friend in Omaha, Nebraska.  We then tidied out and re-decorated our Six boxes and finally played some games.

Well done to Megan who won Weekly Best Brownie and well done to Alice and Madeline who completed their World Traveller Badges during the summer holidays.   Congratulations to Emily who became Sixer of the Rabbits and Chloe who became Seconder.

A special thank you to Freya who make some beautiful welcome cards for our new Brownies.

Disappointingly, only 4 Brownies have signed up to attend the St George’s Parade at the weekend: Caitlin, Gabbie, Georgie and Emma M who will be joined by Daffodil (+Connor) and Poppy.  Unfortunately, as Consent Forms have been collected and the organiser informed of our numbers for the coach, it is now too late to add any extras to our nominal roll

That’s it for now – have a great week everyone x

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