Monday 23rd April 2012

This week we played a brilliant team-building game called Bandaged Up.  It consisted of 5 parts:
Game One (Ball Game) – draw by Hedgehogs and Rabbits
Game Two (Hospital quiz) – won by the Squirrels
Game Three (the Right Department Exercise Game) – won by the Rabbits
Game Four (Hospital A-Z Quiz) – won by the Hedgehogs
Game Five (Bandaged Up!) –  a draw by the Hedgehogs, Rabbits & Squirrels
Overall winner was the Hedgehogs with a grand total of 60 points – well done and congratulations.

The rest of the scores were as follows: Squirrels 55 points, Foxes 48 points and Rabbits 47 points.  All points have been added to the Six League Table with a 10 point bonus to 1st place Hedgehogs and a 5 point bonus to 2nd place Squirrels.  Well done to all girls – lots of good teamwork and team spirit going on.

Well done and congratulations to Daisy of the Foxes for winning Weekly Best Brownie – that’s another 25 points for the Foxes.

A special well done to Caitlin – for writing about St George’s Day Parade – which she read out to the rest of the pack.  A special well done also to Bluebell (and Mr Bluebell) who both took part in the London Marathon at the weekend.  Bluebell brought in her wonderful medal for us all to see.  We said a fond farewell to Buttercup who has moved away – she will be missed greatly by the leaders and Brownies alike but we wish her well at her new post and hope she has as much fun at her new Brownie pack as ours xxx

That’s all for now – have a wonderful week everyone xx

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