PGL Blog: Friday 11th May 2012

Bluebell and Daffodil arrived at PGL 5.15pm, where we meet up with all 17 Brownies and said fond farewells to our mums and dads. Well done to everyone for being bang on time arriving as requested by 5.50pm (actually we had everyone 5 minutes early by 5.45pm). We meet our PGL rep – Beth who took us to our accommodation. Daffodil told us what rooms we were in: we had an 8-man room (Alice, Caitlin, Chloe, Hannah, Lucy, Daisy, Phoebe and Summer); a 6-man room (Emma, Gabby, Asher, Bethan, Emma and Freya) and a 3-man room (Georgie, Holly and Madeline) and unpacked. Each room was allocated a Sixer (the eldest Brownie), who was responsible for making sure everyone followed the To Do List and ticked everyone off as they did their chores. For example, on arrival everyone had to: Put Sleeping bag & pillow on bed; unpack wash-bag and towel and place in bathroom, put PJs under their pillow and get hats, coats, gloves out. The lists were a great success and made sure everyone was ready on time with everything needed.

As we waited for Beth to come and get us for tea, Bluebell led us in some dancing and then Daffodil led us all with the Hokey Pokey song. We then remembered all the fabulous songs we learnt last year: Shark Song, Little Bumble Bee and Daffodil’s favourite: the banana song. At 6.30pm Beth took us to meet up with the 4th Waddington Guides and Brownies and we went to tea – we were starving!! We had fish ‘n’ chips, salad and a doughnut for pudding. We all went to the main meeting area where we played the 50/50 game, making girls into mummies with toilet roll and other fun team games. Around 9pm we finished playing our games, said good night to the 4th Waddington girls and went back to the block. The girls then completed their pre-bed chores (wash, clean teeth, getting clean underwear out for the next day). Ten o’clock was lights out. Eleven o’clock was the last peek and all girls were fast asleep! What a great start to our weekend!!

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