Monday 30th April 2012

This week we worked through our Brownie books and made some cards for a very special person – won’t spoil the surprise!

We then played games whilst Daffodil had a parents’ meeting for all the Brownies going on the PGL weekend. Thank you to all the parents for showing up and listening to Daffodil nag about packing lists, pick up and drop off times 😉

Best six scores this week were: Foxes 29 points, Hedgehogs 53 points, Rabbits 50 points and Squirrels 60. Foxes won an extra 25 points as Lauren was nominated as the weekly Best Brownie – well done Lauren! Bringing Foxes points to 54. Well done the Rabbits for getting the most points this week. Check out the Best League Six Table for the overall scores this term.

Well done also to Lucy for completing her Home Skills Badge and Caitlin for completing her Swimmer and Swimmer Advanced.

That’s all for now – have a wonderful Bank Holiday everyone xx

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