Monday 13th July

This week was our last official meeting as next week we’re at our end of term trip away.  So lots to do and squeeze in!  Firstly, the Six registers were completed for the last time  and passed to Daffodil to work out final scores.  We had a quick pow-wow to talk about the awards ceremony and badges that were being awarded.  The girls were asked to finish off their Adventure book pages and if they wanted could make some surprise cards for a very special person.  At 6.45pm we tidied away and the Brownies played games until was time for our massive awards ceremony.  Drum roll please …

Gardner badge – this was awarded to those Brownies who were here in March for the theory part of the badge and who had attended at least 2 hands on gardening sessions with Poppy/Snowdrop.  Our newest Brownies: Libby, Roslyn and Summer who didn’t join us until April completed all the theory clauses as homework so they too received the badge: Aimee, Asha, Charlotte G, Charlotte N, Chloe C, Chloe S, Eleanor, Emily, Faith, Freya, Gemma, Hannah, Katie M, Katie W, Libby, Lily, Louise, Lucy, Maddison, Roslyn & Summer.

Harry’s Challenge – all bar 4 Brownies received this: Aimee, Asha, Charlotte G, Charlotte N, Chloe C, Chloe S, Eleanor, Emily, Faith, Freya, Gemma, Hannah, Katie M, Katie W, Libby, Louise, Lucy, Roslyn & Summer.  We have spare badges left over so it’s not too late for Brownies to catch up over the summer holidays – though this does depend on what they missed.

Adventure Badge – well done to Hannah and Lucy – who continued their hard work from last term and finished their Adventure badge.

Adventure On Badge – well done to those who managed to complete all the parts required for the Adventure On badge: Aimee, Asha, Charlotte G, Charlotte N, Eleanor, Katie W, Lily, Louise & Maddison.  As mentioned at the meeting, those who haven’t quite done everything will have plenty of time next term to do the missing bits – the badges are designed to be completed over a year so there’s no rush!  One Brownie was slightly confused and thought because she’d completed the activities in the Adventure Book that she had qualified for the badge; unfortunately not – the activities in the Book are only part of the badge (full clauses are listed in the Adventure book).  Daffodil has kept an extensive record of what everyone has done to ensure nobody is missing out on badges they have completed.

South Lincoln County Division badge – everyone got one of these for simply being a member of the South Lincoln Division 🙂

Interest badges: Chloe completed Agility, Communication and Swimmer and  Asha completed Agility, Communication, Computer, Disability Awareness , Speaker & Swimmer – we didn’t have all the badges in stock so they will be ordered but the Brownies will receive plus 25 points per badge for next term’s Best Six League table.

Badges done, next we moved on to our other awards.

Certificates of Appreciation.  Freya and Emily received a certificate of appreciation and set of Brownie bookmarks for raising a magnificent £45 and £38.50 respectively.

Best Six League Table Winners. 
Scores for the last term where added upthese included Six register scores, interest badges, any best brownie awards, various quiz and teambuilding night scores and sponsorship money (although to be fair this didn’t make any difference to the overall winner).  Final scores where Rabbits – 2015 points, Foxes – 2093 points and Squirrels – 2997.  So a fantastic and well deserve win by the Squirrels: Aimee, Gemma, Hannah, Belle, Freya, Asha, Chloe C and Summer.  The girls received a lovely certificate and Starquest notebook and pencil (although those who didn’t already have one received a Big Brownie Birthday purse instead).

Best Brownie.  This was a very difficult award to decide on but based on Brownies’ nominations, leaders’ nominations and taking into consideration attendance, individual interest badges completed, behaviour and how well the Brownies kept their Brownie Promise – Daffodil went for a joint winner in the end: Eleanor and Chloe C.  A super and well deserved win by both Brownies who received a lovely certificate, a choice of either a Brownie bracelet or Brownie photoframe and a “Well Done” badge to sew on their sash.

Sadly, 2 Brownies missed this evening: Louise and Freya so all their badges/awards have been put to one side

Thank Yous.  She almost forgot but Daffodil said a massive thank you to her team: Foxglove (who sadly wasn’t there), Poppy and Snowdrop.  Foxglove and Snowdrop received a thank you card and present from Daffodil for all their valuable support.  Charlotte N also surprised all the leaders with a lovely present for Daffodil, Foxglove, Poppy and Snowdrop – thank you so much Charlotte.  Foxglove’s cards and presents are waiting for her in the cupboard 🙂

Goodbyes.  We said a fond farewell to Charlotte who is moving up to Guides in September.  She received a leaving certificate, old style Adventure and Adventure on badges plus a small leaving gift (a teddy ornament).

We also had a sad “temporary” farewell to Poppy who is stepping down as a full time helper but will still be coming on pack holidays with us and attending the occasional night we need an extra pair of hands.  Poppy received a lovely card signed by everyone and a couple of gifts: a Guiders notebook and one of our special 10th Birthday commemorative mugs which state “Thank you for being a part of our unit”.  She also receive a huge group hug from the Brownies 🙂

Oh, thank you for the last of the sponsorship money – we raised an impressive £281.50 including the £50 cake sales.

That’s it for now 🙂

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  1. Wow! What a busy evening. Well done to all the Brownies on their achievements and a big thank you to all the leaders and helpers for their hard work too.

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