Monday 20th July

This week we returned to Activities Away for our end of term trip and again it was another great success – not even the rain could dampen our spirits! We had 21 of our of 23 Brownies join for us an evening of fun and frolics in the lake followed by delicious cake. First thing first, Daffodil checked us off as we arrived – thank you to all parents for arriving on time (actually most arrived early to beat the traffic).  The two Activities Away staff took the girls to measure up for their wetsuits then it was off to the changing rooms to get changed.  Back out, helmets and buoyancy aids on – a quick safety chat then into the water we went.

As per last year, Daffodil split the Brownies paired the girls up making sure  those who had done water activities before and were super confident were partnered with someone new to the activity and perhaps feeling a little nervous.   However, this wasn’t required in the end as the girls were in solo kayas this year rather than 2-man kayaks although those more confidential did help by shouting encouragement to the less confidence girls. Mr Snowdrop and Lily’s dad went into the water with the girls along with the 2 instructors; Daffodil, Foxglove , Poppy and Snowdrop plus a few parents who decided to stay watched from dry(ish) land.  Mr Daffodil was our official photographer for the event and took nearly 200 photographs!!

We had just over an hour in the water doing lots of different activities. It did rain for a bit but this didn’t affect the girls in the water one bit and the adults simply took shelter. So, we took advantage of the rain and had an impromptu planning meeting while under shelter and came up with a very rough programme of what we’re going to be doing next term, plus made some decisions regarding pack holidays, best Brownies and the Best Six League table 🙂

The girls were just superb – ever so good and had a fantastic time – even the unconfident ones where in and out the water like little fishes.  All too soon it was time to get out, while the girls dried off and got changed, Daffodil sorted out our end of term cake – 30 individual cubes of sponge/jammy goodness. We had just enough for all the Brownies and leaders although Daffodil and gave her and Mr Daffodil’s cake to the Activities Away staff.

Photographs will be sorted and uploaded soon. A massive thank you to all our Brownies and their parents for continuing to support our pack.  A big thank you again to the team: Snowdrop, Foxglove and Poppy.

Oh, one last thing: congratulations to the following Brownies who attended EVERY meeting this term – 25 points each for your Sixes next term: Katie W & Summer (50 points for Foxes), Charlotte N (25 points for Rabbits), Gemma & Asha (50 points for Squirrels).

That’s it .. another term over. Get well soon to Charlotte G and Lucy who were both too poorly to take part, hope you are feeling better quickly. For those who can’t make our summer holidays openings .. see you all in September – have a fab summer everyone. Daffodil has just got to work out what we’ll all be doing 🙂

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  1. Thankyou Daffodil and all of the Brownie leaders for kindly giving up your time to make 1st Waddington Brownies the BEST! Charlotte has had the most amazing time this year and its all down to your hard work, commitment and all round loveliness; it really is greatly appreciated and she really has grown as a result! THANKYOU!!!!!

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