Monday 27th July

This week was our first Summer holidays session so we ran things a little more relaxed.  We had a lovely turn out of 8 Brownies: Asha, Chloe C, Chloe S, Eleanor, Emily, Gemma, Libby and Lily who brought 3 friends with them: Hannah, Tegan and Shayla.  We started Brownies our usual traditional way then had a pow-wow to decide what we wanted to do.  The girls had a choice of making bead decorations, pom-poms or general drawing/ colouring in.  Daffodil also asked for some volunteers to help her clear out the Six boxes.  The agreed plan was to do our activities until 7pm then play games.

Snowdrop took the pom-pom group who had a great time making some beautiful pom-poms; Kiren (Asha’s mum) took the beading group – again some wonderful creations.  Lastly, Daffodil with Chloe S, Eleanor and Libby sorted out the Six boxes giving them a good clear-out: chunking away old, dried out felt tips, sharpening pencils and making sure each box had everything needed for next term: pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, rulers and cellotape.  Daffodil has ordered 3 massive tubs of berol felt-tip pens (an excellent make that’s guaranteed to last ages!) – one for each Six nox which will be added later on.

Daffodil then checked badge work: Asha had completed her Cook badge by making breakfast at home, learning all about health and safety in the kitchen and made chocolate Brownies which she brought along to the meeting.  After a clear up of the activities, we had a refreshment break with drinks and chocolate Brownies – they were yummy Asha!

As planned, the girls then played games for the last 20 minutes or so – splat – the usual favourite plus Toilet!  We had our traditional goodbye following the awarding of the cook and speaker badges to Asha (she earned the Speaker a few weeks ago).  Well done Asha, superb badge work as always.

Thank you to Snowdrop and Kiren for lending a much needed hand.

That’s it – see you next week 🙂

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