Monday 6th July

We had a great week doing lots of different things.  Originally, the plan was for the Brownies to take over and run the meeting – they started planning a few weeks ago but sadly didn’t give any ideas or plans to Daffodil so we could put this in place.  Never mind, we’ll have another go next term 🙂

We started Brownies with a show and tell – Freya and Maddison showing an egg shell from a songthrust egg they’d found – very delicate.  Summer showed everyone her dad’s Scouting shirt and necker – dad was a Chief Scout so had a lot of very impressive badges.  We talked about Six points – it’s currently neck and neck between Rabbits and Squirrels so every single point is valuable. Girls were advised that the final count will be done at 7pm next week.  For every £1 raised in sponsorship, girls will receive 10 points  for the scores and as always any badges receive 25 points. So, we spent the meeting catching up:

With Daffodil and Foxglove, finishing our Adventure or Adventure On parts of our Adventure books ready for Daffodil to check and award the badges next week.  Well done to the girls who worked quietly and very diligently through their books and got lots done!

Those who had never returned their bunting or it had gone missing – decorated new ones.  We now have 26 gorgeous flower or butterfly decorations around our noticeboard showing who’s in our pack 🙂

Those who needed to do another session of hands on gardening went out with Snowdrop and had a major weeding session ready for Poppy to plant some seedlings next week.

We had a few badges to award out this week:
8th birthday badges for Chloe C and Faith – belated Happy Birthday to both girls

Friends to the Animals for Summer – well done Summer who completed the rest of this badge following our District trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park at home.  Summer received 25 points for her Six.

Number Fun for Charlotte N – well done and another 25 points for her Six.  Charlotte finally received her Swimmer Advance which Daffodil was waiting to arrive..

Brownie Buddy certificates and badges to Charlotte N and Gemma (Charlotte G missed this week so will receive hers next week) – well done to all 3 girls for being marvelous Brownie Buddies.  All received 25 points for their Six scores too.

Hostess badge to Freya and Lucy who both did a fantastic job as hostesses during our Promise ceremony a few weeks ago.  Again, 25 points each for their Six.

Lastly, as Brownies were asking about the Gardner and Harry’s Challenge badge – Daffodil reiterated again that only those Brownies who had attended the meetings and completed all the badge work would receive the badges otherwise it won’t be fair to those who did attend and complete all the work.  Some Brownies had missed meetings but then caught up by doing the work at home – for example Chloe C and Chloe S both missed the night we made the posters; however, they both bought their posters in this week so will receive the badge – it is not compulsory to do this; it is a Brownie’s choice whether or not to catch up on missed badge work but we do not award badges unless all the work is completed.

Lots of sponsorship money was handed in – thank you.  Daffodil will count it all up this week and work out Six points.  That’s it 🙂

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