Tuesday 16th July – Lone Brownie

This week was our penultimate week of working on the 100 Years of Homemaking Challenge Badge. We caught up with last week’s laundress section by making our own scented bags for our laundry – simply cotton wool buds sprinkled with Orchid refresher oil which we when placed in 3 little organaza gift bags and voila – 3 lovely scented bags made.

We then moved on to the Homemaker/Handy Woman section – for this we had a go at polishing some silver so it looked as good as new – Violet enjoyed cleaning some of Daffodil’s son christening gifts! Next, Violet created a mood board on the computer – filling it with lots of ideas and inspiration for re-decorating her bedroom – she choice bedding, curtains, rugs, a laptop, computer desk, bean bag and a lovely blue-inspired bathroom!

That’s it – all too soon it was time to go. Next week, we’re on the last part: Gardner 🙂

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