Tuesday 21st July – Lone Brownie

Apologies for the latest of this blog .. poor Daffodil has been so busy she almost forgot!

This week, Violet and Daffodil completed their work on the 100 Years of Homemaking Badge.  We completed the Gardener/Flower Arranger section by making a bird feeder/fat ball and started growing some cress.

We’ve made the individual bird puddings before but this time we added dried mealworms to the seeds and lard and put them in coconut shells rather than yoghurt pots. These were popped in the fridge to set and 2 days later, we put them out on the bird table for the birds.  The bird table is right next to Daffodil office window so she’ll be able to take a close look at any birds coming for a feast.

To finish off, Violet went through her Adventure Book to complete any last bits and wrote of list of badges she would like to do next.  These including craft, computer and cook.

Sadly, though, although we didn’t know it at the time, this meeting turned out to be our last as Violet is moving away at very short notice.  We’ve had a cracking 12 months working our way through a variety of badges including Adventure, Hostess, Seasons, World Guiding, Number Fun and Designer plus the Butterfly, Lincolnshire Imp, Seahorse and lastly, the 100 Years of Homemaking challenge badges.  Violet joined other Brownies at our District Thinking Day event last year and early this year joined us on Pack Holiday for the day.  Violet receive a leaving certificate and Brownie photo frame as leaving gifts.

Daffodil has enjoyed these sessions with Violet immensely, as she’s been able to be a lot more hands on – joining in with every craft and activity Violet did and having lots of fun in the meantime.  Daffodil is going to try and find another Guider to help Violet continue her Brownie Adventure but will miss her immensely.  Goodbye lovely Violet, I will miss you 🙁


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