Tuesday 7th July – Lone Brownie

This week Daffodil and Violet worked on the Laundress part of the 100 Years of Homemaking Challenge – Daffodil had made up a patching pairs game using various laundry symbols and the plan was to make scented bags, for example using lavender, to keep clothes in drawers smelling fresh. Unfortunately, the bits and pieces needed for these had fallen out of Daffodil’s bag so we’ll have to do them next week.

Anyway, well done to Violet who completed last week’s “home work” and finished the sewing project we set her – she sewed together the pieces of foam to make a lovely diary and pencil wallet – well done Violet!

At Violet’s request, we continued working through the Adventure On section of the Adventure Book – looking at how we continue to keep our Brownie promise and what good turn we do every day. Violet has now finished the activities in the book but still has a few things left to do before she can be awarded her Adventure On badge.

We played the laundry matching pairs game – which was good fun and taught us about the many different laundry symbols too – who knew there were so many! We just had time for a quick game of cards to finish off – another matching pairs game then it was time to go.

Next week, we’re on the Homemaker/Handywoman section and will be polishing silver, making a mood board and making the scented bags 🙂

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