Monday 23rd November

This week, we continued our work on the Lincolnshire Imp challenge badge. We completed Section 2 – History looking at Lincoln Castle and the Magna Carta.  The Magna Carta was written out by monks at Runnymede, sealed by King John in 1215 and sent to Lincoln cathedral.  It is now kept in the castle and sets out ancient rules for our country.  In Sixes, the Brownies had to think of 10 rules that would make things fair in their village.  A photograph of their rules has been uploaded but most common including cleaning up after dogs; being nice and no bullying.

Castles had to sometimes hold out in a siege so the Brownies were challenged to think about how they would cope in a siege and couldn’t get out of their home for weeks or even months – how would they cope?  What things would they run out of and how would they keep occupied given there would be no electricity.  The girls decided they would play games or sleep to pass the time and help them cope!

At 7pm, we split up into 3 groups: Tweenies with Snowdrop to continue their work on their Becoming a Brownie books; and Buttercup helped Belle and Louise continue their Brownies Go for It! Badge.  The rest of the Brownies made a start on Section 5 – The Imp. We discovered the legend behind the Lincoln Imp: a small devil entered the Cathedral out of curiosity and plagued the Angels.  To prevent further mischief they turned him to stone. We had a competition to see who could stand for the longest time on one foot, with the other foot crossed in front of them (like the Imp) – well done to Lucy and Olivia who lasted ages!  Lastly, the all the Brownies had a go at an Imp Jig-Saw puzzle.

Well done to Charlotte for completing her Farm to Fork activity sheets – 10 points awarded for her Six.  Happy belated 9th birthday to Chloe C and Hannah who received their 9th birthday badges.

That’s it for now 🙂

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