Monday 30th November

This week was the penultimate week to work on the Lincolnshire Imp Challenge badge completing another part of the History Section, the Cathedral.  After taking the Six Registers for the last time this term, we quickly talked about what the plan was for the evening and what was planned for next week.  Squirrel took the Tweenies to finish off their Mission Promise Challenge badges and Becoming a Brownie books and Buttercup took the oldest Brownies to complete their Becoming a Brownie Go For It! Badge.  Daffodil had the rest of the Brownies who learnt and played the rhyme:

“Here’s the church, here’s the steeple.  Open the door and there’s all the people”

We also did the actions which are quite tricky but then got together in small groups to make up some actions to the rest of the rhyme:

“Here’s the choirboys going up the stairs, there’s the parson saying his prayers”.

We completed another part of the challenge: Try Angel cake – a very easy and enjoyable part of the challenge!  It was then on to the main part of the Challenge – have a go at bell ringing with hand bells.  For this the wonderful Tegwen from Rainbows and her husband Richard came to the meeting to tell us all about church/tower bells and we learnt to play “Jiggle Bells” on the hand bells.   We will finish the last part of this Challenge badge in the New Year.

We had a great time (photos to follow) and would like to say a massive thank you to Tegwen and Richard (whom we know reads our website 😉 – we said a traditional thank you and gave them a lovely card and gift too.  We also receive certificates which Daffodil has saved for our awards ceremony next week.

After a few games including a bell themed traffic lights, it was time to go home.  That’s it 🙂

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