Monday 7th December

This week was our Oscar-themed end of term awards.  After being greeted by the Paparazzi (Mr Daffodil in a tux), the girls entered via the VIP Entrance, tinsel curtain and onto the red carpet where they were greeted and interviewed by Daffodil.  We played some games and then designed a beautiful Oscar outfit.  Then it was time for our Awards Ceremony (the rest of this blog is Daffodil’s speech):

“Now we move on to the part of the evening that you have been looking forward to the most – the awards. Girls receiving an award will also receive all the badges they have earned this term:

 Our first award is the Newest Brownie Award. This is awarded to a girl who only joined us 4 weeks ago, but is keen to continue her Girlguiding adventure in Brownies. The Newest Brownie Award goes to Olivia.

The Best Newcomer Award is awarded to a member of the unit who only joined Brownies this term, but has already stepped up to the new challenges that Brownies presents. The Best Newcomer Award goes to Isobel.

Our Most Determined Award is for a Brownie who doesn’t always find activities easy, but is always willing to undertake challenges and give them a go with a smile on her face. The Most Determined Award goes to Lily.

The Most Considerate Award is awarded to a Brownie who always thinks about others when playing games and completing activities. The Most Considerate Award goes to Katie.

Our award for the Best Manners is awarded to one of the newer Brownies. Although this Brownie hasn’t been with us that long she is always polite to all members of the unit. The Best Manners Award goes to Isla.

The award for the Most Welcoming Brownie is awarded to a Brownie who is always willing to show new members the ropes. She is one of the first Brownies to include new members in activities and games, and welcomes new friends with a smile. The Most Welcoming Award goes to Roslyn.

Our Presentation Award is for a Brownie who always wears her uniform and necker looking very smart and remembers to bring everything needed every week. She always takes pride in any work she is doing to make sure she is following her promise and doing her best. The Presentation Award goes to Chloe C.

The award for the Best Attendance is for a Brownie, who turns up week after week and has not missed a meeting this year; not just this term! This Brownie has fantastic attendance and is eager to participate in all activities. The Best Attendance Award goes to Gemma.

Our Friend to Others Award is for the girl who looks out for her fellow Brownies and always tries to help them where she can. She is a kind and loyal friend, and a good example of how Brownies should treat others. The Friend to Others Award goes to Louise.

The Quietest Brownie Award is awarded to one of the older members of the unit who is very shy but having settled into Brownies, she is beginning to find her voice and is contributing some great ideas to the unit and her six. The Quietest Guide Award goes to Emily

Our Good Sport Award is awarded to a Brownie who loves to take part in games and always lets everyone have a go. This Brownie is not only a good winner, but also a gracious loser. The Good Sport Award goes to Mary.

The Leadership Award is awarded to a Brownie who has shown a lot of maturity over the past year and as the Sixer of her Six has shown the other Brownies a great example of what a good Brownie should be. The Leadership Award goes to Eleanor.

Our Chattiest Brownie Award is awarded to a Brownie who always has great ideas to contribute, both in Six time, and when as a whole unit. Although her ideas are not always acted upon, she definitely has some interesting ideas. The Most Chatty Award goes to Hannah.

Our Most Enthusiastic Award is awarded to a Brownie who has always been enthusiastic throughout her Girl Guiding journey. This girl had only been a member of Brownie for less than a month before she attended her first pack holiday without any complaints! The Most Enthusiastic Award goes to Libby.

The Most Helpful Award is awarded to a Brownie, who goes out of her way to be helpful to both fellow Brownies and Leaders, always volunteering to help when volunteer are asked for. The Most Helpful Award goes to Maddison.

Our Progress Award is awarded to a Brownie started Brownies this year and has already shown that she is able to cope brilliantly with the more difficult activities and tougher challenges in Brownies. The Progress Award goes to Summer.

The Best Fundraiser Award goes the Brownie who raised the most sponsorship money not once but twice! The Best Fundraiser Award goes to Freya.

Our Character Award goes to the girl who regularly has the leaders in fits of laughter without even trying to. She has bundles of energy, a great sense of fun and is always giggling. The Character Award goes to Charlotte.

The Badges Award goes to the girl who has completed the most badges both on her own (14) and with the pack. This Brownies has worked so hard on each badge and her enthusiasm is to be commended. The Badges Award goes to Asha.

Our Promise Award is for the Brownie who we feel has kept her Brownie promise throughout the year, always doing her best and helping other people. She is always willing to try her best when participating in all aspects of Brownie life including pack holiday. The Promise Award goes to Deryn.

The Endeavour Award is for a Brownie who has only been with us for a very short time but has thrown herself into everything we do and working hard to be ready to take her promise in just 6 weeks. The Endeavour Award goes to Ava.

Our Brownie Guide Law Award. This is awarded to the Brownie who upholds the Brownie Guide Law; she is polite and considerate, and is also a good friend. This Brownie is willing to face all sorts of challenges with a smile on her face, and learns from her experiences. Our Guide Law Award goes to Chloe S.

The Leader Award. This is awarded to the Brownie we think will make a fantastic Brownie leader in the future. Our Leader Award goes to Belle.

Our final award is the Best Brownie of the Term Award. This Brownie has encompassed all those qualities found in the previous 23 awards: Keeping her promise, upholds the Law, good attendance, badge work, lovely manners, friendly and helpful and determined and considerate.  The Best Brownie of the Term Award goes to Lucy.

Best Six – instead of a Best Six award this evening; we have decided instead to give an award to those 4 Brownies who have NEVER forgotten anything all term and remembered to bring their books, a drink, put their hair up, wear sensible shoes and worn their sash EVERY single week. Well done to Gemma, Hannah, Asha and Chloe C.

And lastly, we need to say a very big thank you to Buttercup, Foxglove, Snowdrop and Squirrel who have worked so hard to make this year fun and provide you with lots of new and exciting activities. These gifts are just a small token of my thanks for all the work and effort you put in to helping me run such an awesome unit.”

We then joined Ava’s, Isobel’s, Isla’s and Mary’s family for our traditional Promise Ceremony.  The girls did a great job of remembering their Promise and Brownie Law and received a Brownie Adventure sling bag (except Ava who choose the last Brownie box), Adventure Book, Six badge, birthday badge, metal Promise badge and the Mission Promise Challenge badge.

That’s it – photographs have been uploaded.

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