Monday 12th December

This week was our Glitz and Glam themed end of term part.  After being greeted by the Snowdrop and Daffodil, the girls entered via the VIP Entrance and tinsel curtain where they could choose which VIP table to set at.  Each table was decorated with a glitz and glam tablecloth, napkins, “wine” glasses, confetti and a scratch art tiara to do.  At 6.15pm, Fab Discos had finished setting up so it was disco time! The Brownies could dance, play games, complete their scratch art tiara or grab a drink and cake, whatever they liked! To break it up, every 15 minutes we stopped the music and handed out a few awards with the Leaders taking turns to announce the winners. Each Brownie received a certificate and party bag containing her personalised trophy, all the badges she had earned this term plus a few little surprises.  (The rest of this blog is Daffodil’s speech):

“Now we move on to the part of the evening that you have been looking forward to the most – the awards. Girls receiving an award will also receive all the badges they have earned this term:

 Our first award is the Newest Brownie Award. This is awarded to a girl who has only been with us for 4 weeks, but is keen to continue her Girlguiding adventure in Brownies. The Newest Brownie Award goes to Niamh.

Our Best Newcomer Award is awarded to a member of the unit who only joined Brownies this term, but has already stepped up to the new challenges that Brownies presents. The Best Newcomer Award goes to Victoria.

Our Most Considerate Award is awarded to a Brownie who always thinks about others when playing games and completing activities. The Most Considerate Award goes to Freya.

Our award for the Best Manners is awarded to one of the newer Brownies. Although this Brownie hasn’t been with us that long she is always polite to all members of the unit. The Best Manners Award goes to Paige.

Our Most Determined Award is for a Brownie who doesn’t always find activities easy, but is always willing to undertake challenges and give them a go with a smile on her face. The Most Determined Award goes to Emily G.

Our Friend to Others Award is for the girl who looks out for her fellow Brownies and always tries to help them where she can. She is a kind and loyal friend. The Friend to Others Award goes to Roslyn.

Our award for the Most Welcoming Brownie is awarded to a Brownie who is always willing to show new members the ropes. She is one of the first Brownies to include new members in activities and games, and welcomes new friends with a smile. The Most Welcoming Award goes to Asha.

Our Presentation Award is for a Brownie who always wears her uniform and necker very smartly and remembers to bring everything needed every week; she also always takes pride in any work she is doing. The Presentation Award goes Mary.

Our Quietest Brownie Award is awarded to one of the younger members of the unit who is very shy but having settled into Brownies, she is beginning to find her voice and is contributing some great ideas to the unit and her six. The Quietest Guide Award goes to Laya.

Our Good Sport Award is awarded to a Brownie who loves to take part in games and always lets everyone have a go. This Brownie is not only a good winner, but also a gracious loser. The Good Sport Award goes to Lily.

Our Leadership Award is awarded to a Brownie who has shown a lot of maturity over the past year and as a Sixer has shown the other Brownies a great example of what a good Brownie should be. The Leadership Award goes to Gemma.

Our Chattiest Brownie Award is awarded to a Brownie who always has great ideas to contribute. Although her ideas are not always acted upon, she definitely has some interesting ideas. The Most Chatty Award goes to Hannah W.

Our Most Enthusiastic Award is awarded to a Brownie who has always been enthusiastic throughout her Girl Guiding journey. The Most Enthusiastic Award goes to Erin.

Our Most Helpful Award is awarded to a Brownie, who goes out of her way to be helpful to both fellow Brownies and Leaders, always volunteering to help before volunteers are even asked for. The Most Helpful Award goes Isobel.

Our Best Progress Award is awarded to a Brownie started Brownies this year and has already shown that she is able to cope brilliantly with the more difficult activities and tougher challenges in Brownies. The Progress Award goes to Louise.

Our Badge Collector’s Award goes to the girl who has completed the most badges both on her own (10) and with the Unit. This Brownies has worked so hard on each badge and her enthusiasm is to be commended. The Badge Collector’s Award goes Emily O.

Our Character Award goes to the girl who makes the Leaders smile with her no nonsense attitude. She has a great sense of fun, is endearingly cheeky and is always happy. The Character Award goes to Amelia.

The Endeavour Award is for a Brownie who has only been with us for a very short time but has thrown herself into everything we do and worked very hard to be ready to take her Promise. The Endeavour Award goes to Jessica.

The Leadership Award. This is awarded to the Brownie we think will make a fantastic Brownie leader in the future. Our Leadership Award goes to Chloe.

Biggest Smile Award. This is awarded to the Brownie who is always smiling whatever the weather or activity and makes others smile too. The Biggest Smile Award goes to Molly.

Lend A Hand Award. This is awarded to the Brownie who fulfils our motto “Lend a Hand” and is never shy is coming forward in lending a much needed hand to the Leaders or her fellow Brownies. The Lend a Hand Award goes to Amber.

Community Award. This awarded to the Brownie who never fails to serve her community be it bringing in vouchers for Brownies, gardening with Squirrel or taking part fully in all our community activities. The Community Award goes to Ava.

Star Performer Award. This is awarded to the Brownie who is always ready to perform and participate in our pow-wows and never afraid to show what she can do. The Star Performer Award goes to Isobelle.

Impersonation Award. This is awarded to the Brownie who does the best impersonation of the Leaders and her fellow Brownies. Her spot on impersonation of Daffodil at Brownie holiday will never be forgotten! The Impersonation Award goes to Charlotte.

Brownie Buddy Award. This is awarded to the Brownie who has been an excellent Brownie buddy to all girls both new Tweenies and existing Brownies. The Brownie Buddy Award goes to Isla.

Dare Devil Award. This is awarded to the Brownie who knows no fear – trying all activities, no matter how physical or difficult they may be. The Dare Devil Award goes to Ruby.

Most Artistic Award. This is awarded to the most Artistic Brownie – one who always produces beautiful work be it crafts, colouring in or handwriting. The Most Artistic Award goes to Evelyn.

Our Promise Award is for the Brownie who we feel has kept her Brownie promise throughout the year, always does her best and helps other people. The Promise Award goes to Libby.

The Brownie Guide Law Award. This is awarded to the Brownie who upholds the Brownie Guide Law; she is polite and considerate and is also a good friend. Our Guide Law Award goes to Maddison.

Our final award is the Best Brownie of the Term Award. This Brownie has encompassed all those qualities found in the previous 29 awards: Keeping her promise, upholds the Law, good attendance, badge work, lovely manners, friendly, helpful, determined and considerate.  The Best Brownie of the Term Award goes to Hannah B.

 I now have the certificates and prizes for the 4 Brownies who won last week’s Best Christmas Jumper competition. Well done Hannah B, Isobel, Jessica and Mary.

 The results of the Best Six League table are: in fourth place the Foxes with 803 points; in third place with 908 points the Hedgehogs and with just 13 points difference, 2nd place with 1072 are the Rabbits meaning Squirrels have won with 1085 points. 

 And lastly, I have some also have a party bags and awards for our Leaders to say thank you on behalf of the Unit for working so hard to make this year fun and provide the Brownies with lots of new and exciting activities:

Buttercup – for burnt fingers after volunteering to glue gun over 90 lollipop sticks to make our marvellous tree decorations and for making these amazing cakes – I award you the Best Glue Gun & Baker Award and badge.

Rose – for organising a fantastic team building “no hands” games night and treasure hunt, I award you the Best Games Night Award and Badge.

Snowdrop – for being a superb mentor to over 20 Tweenies over the last 2 years – preparing our youngest members to take their Brownie Promise and for being an all-round super star!  I award you our Super Star Award and Badge.

Squirrel – for single handily taking on and sorting out our SPAR planters – doing what others had not managed and producing a beautiful Girlguiding garden in the process, I award you the Community Garden Award and badge.  Now back to dancing!!”

Thank you to Lily who finished her Brownie adventure this evening but very kindly brought each Leader a box of chocolates.  Thank you to Charlotte for giving each Leader a Christmas card and gift. Thank you to Hannah B who also finished her Brownie adventure this evening and generously gave each Leader a beautiful potted plant. Thank you also to Kathryn our DofE volunteer who came along tonight and played balloon games with the Brownies 🙂

That’s it – Panto trip on Sunday for those attending – Daffodil has sent a reminder email; but for the rest of us – see you next year!

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