Wednesday 2nd August – POACHER 2017

Today Buttercup, Daffodil and 11 Brownies (Amelia F, Charlotte, Emily O, Erin, Isobel, Isobelle, Jessica, Laya, Libby, Louise and Victoria) attended the Junior Taster Day of the Lincolnshire’s International Scout and Guide Camp – Poacher 2017.   The Poacher International Jamboree is about welcoming Scouts and Guides from across the world for a week of activities, fun and friendships. Over 5,500 young people and almost 3,000 volunteers from 24 countries will descend on the Lincolnshire Showground to take part in adventurous activities, international experience, creative activities, trips and much more!  The Junior Poacher Taster Day is day event specifically for all those too young to attend the main camp.

We arrived around 9am and after registering, received our welcome pack which included a pink sling bag for each Brownie containing a gorgeous orange and pink Poacher necker, water bottle, badge and certificate.   The Leaders also received an orange sling bag and Poacher necker.  While waiting for the gates to open, we decided to swap our usual 1st Waddington neckers for the lovely new Poacher ones, put on our wrist bands and wrote our names on our new sling bags.  We were also entertained by 2 clowns on giant stilts and got to munch on some chocolate cookies 🙂 At 10am, the gates opened and a sea of just under 2,000 Rainbows, Beavers, Brownies, Cubs and their Leaders entered Junior Poacher.

Our first stop was the Circus Arena where we got to try lots of circus skills including hula hooping, juggling, plate spinning, pogo sticks, diabolo, devil sticks, poi spinning, stilt walking and balancing to name just a few!  The Brownies had a great time trying everything and we had some impressive feats of balancing from Jessica, hula hooping from Isobel and Erin who decided to try 2 skills at once – ribbon dancing while hula hooping!!

Next we visited to Fairground where the Brownies decided what they’d like to go on.  Buttercup took Erin, Isobel, Laya, Libby, Louise and Victoria to queue up for the Ferris Wheel while Daffodil took Amelia, Charlotte, Emily, Isobelle and Jessica to the Helter Skelter.  The queue on the Helter Skelter was very short so Daffodil’s group had several goes before moving onto the trampolines.  Buttercup’s group had longer queue but said it was well worth the wait 🙂  We all had a drink and snack while queuing too.

After a quick loo break, we decided to see what other activities we could try and ended up at the outdoor ice rink.  Good fun but very tricky – apparently much harder to ice skate on the artificial “ice/plastic” rink that it is to skate on a proper ice rink but we had a good time trying.  Well done to Libby who actually mastered it and managed to stay upright and glide!

Close to the outdoor ice rink was the Creativity Barn so we popped in there for 15 or so minutes making a variety of bookmarks, coasters and jewellery pots.  At 12.30pm, all activities closed for an hour’s lunch.  We stayed in the Creatively Barn to have our lunch and watched the Spitfire fly past.

For the afternoon, we went across to the main Junior Poacher field to decide what activities we wanted to do and make sure we were first in the queue if possible to avoid the very long waits.  The Brownies all wanted to go Zorbing (Zorbing is the recreation or sport of rolling around inside an orb, generally made of transparent plastic).  We weren’t first in the queue but managed to join it before it got too long.

Next, Daffodil took Amelia, Charlotte, Emily, Laya, Louise, Isobelle and Jessica to the Cave Bus.  A bit of a wait until it opened at 2pm but the Brownies thoroughly enjoyed the simulated cave environment contained within a bus!  We moved onto the ball games arena – 11 different stables each containing a different ball game – there were practically no queues for this so the Brownies were able to visit all the stables and have a go at each one.  We then moved onto the Go Carts and had a lovely ride 3 times round the track before visiting the Giant Tortoises (where we got to stroke and touch them too!).  Lastly, the Brownies joined several different queues for a variety of inflatable slides, activities and a bucking brocco 🙂

Once they had completed their zorbing, Erin, Isobel, Libby and Victoria decided to go on the bungee trampolines and joined the very long queue for that event.  Buttercup was particularly impressed as the Brownies queued up for 2 hours for this ride, never complaining and even when offered the chance to try something else, stayed put.  They were able to pop into the Road Safety tent whilst in the queue and make a badge while waiting.

Finally, all too soon it was almost time to go, all the activities stopped at 3.45pm so we decided to visit the Epic Centre for a bit of retail therapy and treated ourselves to some lovely Poacher souvenirs.  Buttercup was treated to an official Poacher mug, teddy and pen as a thank you from Daffodil on behalf of the Brownies for coming along today – especially as she drew the short straw both times and had the longest queues to wait in 😉 A walk back to meet our parents then it was all over for another 4 years.   Well done to all Brownies for a fabulous day out, hope you had as much fun as Daffodil and Buttercup and enjoy all your crafts and goodies.  Photos have been uploaded.


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