Brownie Holidays 28th – 30th June 2019

Our fabulous baking Brownie weekend started with the first girls arriving at 6pm and the last at 6.45pm.  Whilst waiting we coloured in our lovely chefs hats before starting our first of many activities of the weekend plus 2 badges (The Heckington Windmill Challenge Badge and the Brownie Baking Interest badge).  We were split into 3 groups:

The Baking Buddies with Buttercup – Erin, Holly, Isabelle, Izzy & Laya
The Corn Dollies with Daffodil – Amelia W, Aurora, Isobel, Kitty & Trevor
The Wind Millies with Tulip – Amelia D, Chloe, Esmée, Isla & Namsemi
Daisy and Paige also attended the weekend but did not stay over as Paige had dance exams.

So, what did we do?

Friday – as well as the chefs’ hats, we decorated canvas bags to take home all our crafts and goodies in, we baked cookies and created marvellous salt dough models.  We had supper, had a bed time story and after a few excited whispers, finally went to sleep around 10pm.

Saturday – we were up at 6am!  After breakfast, we decorated our salt dough models which had been drying in the oven overnight and put on paper our designs for our cookies, we also completed a variety of cupcake themed worksheets before our trip out.  We visited Heckington Windmill and had a fantastic 3 hours exploring the site: climbing to the top of the windmill, going out onto the windmill balcony, having lunch in the garden, grinding our own flour and visiting the Railway Museum.  On our return to Parva House we baked rock buns, decorated our cookies and completed the Bake a Story part of the Baking badge.  As it was so hot, we chilled out in one of the cooler dormitories where we made foam windmills and had a sing song.  Before dinner, we opened the Parva House souvenir shop and spent our pocket money on lots of lovely bookmarks, cuddly toys and pencils.  After dinner, we made 2 different tray bakes (chocolate slices and white chocolate truffles), we made corn dolly brooches and completed the Favourite Bake of the Weekend part of the Baking badge.  We also played board games, parachute games, hide and seek and read books from the library.  Early night as everyone was hot and tired so in bed by 8.30pm.

Sunday – we had a lie and didn’t get up until 7.30am!  We designed a weather vane and created a recipe card for bread making.  We had our awards ceremony with Namsemi winning Best Brownie of the weekend; well done Namsemi who received a lovely certificate and a souvenir from the Heckington Windmill shop.  Best Six/Group were the Corn Dollies with 16 stamps, just one more than the Wind Millies. Well done and congratulations to Amelia W, Aurora, Isobel, Kitty & Trevor who received a lovely certificate and Heckington Windmill pencil.  Daffodil thanked the Leaders with a lovely Heckington Windmill fridge magnet 😊  Then all hands to deck to clean Parva House – bathroom sinks cleaned, floors swept, carpets hoovered and bins emptied.  We were all done and dusted by 10am so spent the last 2 hours just chilling, playing games, singing songs and recovering from a fabulous but very hectic weekend.  As we left we received 2 bags full of rocks buns and tray bakes which only just fitted in our lovely canvas bags as they were already stuffed full of crafts and other goodies 😊  After the last Brownie left at 12.10pm, it was time for Daffodil to lock up, close the gates and go home.

That’s it – photos to follow as poor Daffodil has around 300 to sort!

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