Monday 14th October – Positive Promises

Buttercup here again šŸ™‚ Despite howling wind, lashing rain and the most dreadful traffic jam into camp, nearly all the girls made to the meeting without mishap.Ā  It was a bit chilly in the hall, so while we were waiting for everyone to arrive Trevor organised a sporty traffic lights game to warm everyone up.

Once Six registers were done we got into a Brownie ring to find out what we were doing. The night’s theme was The Brownie Promise. Our two remaining Tweenies went with Daisy to complete some more of their pre-Promise challenges. The other girls played a game called Horse and Jockey to get warmed up ā€“ one of Buttercup’s favourite from when she was a Brownie! As girls were out they went off to do some activities in their adventure books.

After a while everyone got together for crafts designed to make us think about our Promise and how we can carry it out every day. Before she went away, Daffodil had prepared two craft packs for every girl to make ā€“ a set of Promise beads and a bookmark. Both the crafts were enjoyed enormously. Lavender is new to the Brownie Promise too so she really enjoyed helping the girls and making her own set!

All the girls tidied away, getting every tiny scrap of paper off the floor and then replacing all the chairs ready for the next church service. Before we sang our goodbye song we presented Snowdrop with a birthday card and sang Happy Birthday. Daisy wanted to give her the bumps but we thought we might drop her before the end! Brownie of the week was presented to Isla J for really working hard at being a brilliant Brownie.

There will not be a Brownie meeting next week as it is half term. We will see you the week beginning the 28th when we will look forward to hearing all about Daffodil’s holiday adventures šŸ™‚

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