Monday 28th October – Pop Up Cards!

You could tell the clocks had gone back as it was dark and cold when Brownies started but luckily we had a few spare heaters in the hall to ensure we were warm enough this week.  After nearly 4 weeks absence (2-week holidays and half term), it was lovely for Daffodil to be back at Brownies and she had returned with treats!  Firstly though a game of “Cruise” traffic lights to warm us up before starting our first activity “Can You Hear Me at the Back?”.  Part of the Express Myself theme – Communicate Stage 2 Skills Builder, the aim of the activity was to make sure everyone could hear us when we speak; control our breathing, project our voice and relax our body.  We started off with some relaxing and breathing exercises before warming up our voices.  This was very funny, and we had lots of giggling Brownies (and leaders!) as we tried to breathe in, then breathe out and hum at the same time.  Crouching down and getting taller and taller as our voices got higher through the hum.  Once our voices were warmed up, we played a game.  We lined up facing the wall, then leaders and Brownies took turns to come out and shout “Go” at a particular Brownie – focusing and aiming our voice at her to see if she thought the “Go” was directed at her and turned around.  We had mixed results but could tell which part of the room the voice was directed to if not the exact Brownie.

The rest of the evening, we completed the Express Myself UMA – Pop Up Cards.  The aim of the activity was to get our creative heads on and make our own 3D celebration cards.  These were a little tricky to do but with lots of support from the Leaders, all Brownies managed to complete the 3D pop up section and took them home to finish the rest.

We finished off with some games, ate some lovely Honey Cookies that Daffodil had brought back from her travels along the River Danube; she also brought in a selection of souvenirs and postcards for the Brownies to look at.  Awards – 8th birthday badges to Aurora and Eloise and a 1st anniversary for Aurora.  Happy birthday girls and thank you to Eloise for bringing in sweets to share.  Monthly smartest uniform award went to Sophie S who always looks very smart and has a tidy necker.

That’s it for now – see you next week 😊 Panto list is now closed but the Parva House weekend is still open – reserve your place now!

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