Monday 20th November – Odd Socks!

We started by “promoting” Roger to Sixer of the Hedgehogs as Izzy has decided to finish her Brownie adventure a little earlier than planned before starting Guides in January.  Sadly, Izzy wasn’t at Brownies so we couldn’t say a proper farewell but Daffodil has posted her goodbye letter and card and we wish Izzy well with her new Guide adventures.  Get well soon to our lovely Daisy who was too poorly to attend Brownies this week.

The hall was a little chilly again as the central heating wasn’t working but we stayed warm enough with vigorous exercise breaks to get the blood pumping up plus we had some heaters and lots of layers on 🙂

This week we completed the penultimate part of the Skills Builder Communication Stage 2 badge with an activity called “Picture Perfect”.  The aim of the activity was to communication without words and use our imagination.  Everyone grabbed a pencil and piece of paper to secretly draw 2 things they did yesterday.  We split the girls into 2 groups where they had to put their pieces of paper face down. Each Brownie took turns to choose one piece of paper and act out the activities drawn on it.  The Brownies had fun drawing their secret activities as well as acting out each others.

We then moved on to the Express Myself themed UMA “Odd Socks”.  The aim of this activity was to transform a lifeless clothing item into a gang of quirky characters (a sock puppet) and use them to tell a story every bit as silly as they are. The Brownies had a mountain of resources to choose from including pom poms, googly eyes, feathers, scrap material, felt, buttons, ribbon and wool.  We doubled the recommended time for this so the Brownies could take their time to make an amazing character.  We’ll finish this UMA next week with a puppet show.  Well done to all those who remembered to bring a sock in; Daffodil had spares for those who forgot, so nobody missed out on the activity.

Awards: This week’s Best Brownie was Florence M.  Florence has only been with us a couple of weeks but has impressed us with her can do attitude and enthusiasm at this early stage.  Florence was the first Brownie to take home our brand new Weekly Best Brownie Trophy (the old silver one had been returned irrevocably damaged so we couldn’t use it anymore) plus our mascots, their diary, a certificate and pencil.

That’s it.  Only 3 weeks left to our fabulous Movie-themed Christmas party – have you planned your outfit yet?  Don’t forget to bring back your sock puppets next week and wrap up warm in case the heating is still broken!

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