Monday 25th November – Puppet Show!

Good news!  The heating was back on in the Church so we were toasty warm for a change!  Florence M as last Week’s Best Brownie was Daffodil’s Little Helper so took the Register and chose our first game of the evening: Splat.  We finished our work on the Skills Builder badge: Communicate Stage 2 from the Express Myself theme.  The activity “It’s not what you say” was all about making your speech show your feelings, understanding different tones of voice and being creative.  We listened to the “flight of the Bumblebee” and talked about what we thought about the piece – the speed, volume, pitch and tone.  The Brownies learnt that music can make you feel things without words and so can speech; the way we talk can have as much impact as the words we use.  We played a game to practice changing how our voice sounds to see if the other Brownies could still recognise us.

We also finished the Odd Sock UMA by performing puppet shows in small groups with the fabulous sock puppets we made last week.  The Brownies had a great time, creating their puppet characters, thinking of an adventure and putting on a show.  A few of the Brownies enjoyed it so much that they put on another play at the end of the evening.

Awards: 3rd anniversary for Eloise who also won our Monthly Smartest Uniform award so received a lovely certificate and badge.  This week’s Best Brownie was Monty – superb work and great production of her group’s puppet show.  Monty took home the new trophy and mascots for a week and received a lovely certificate and pencil.  Everyone who took part in the Future Girl Acts on Plastic activity last month also received their special badge.

Happy birthday to Florence E who will receive her 8th birthday badge next week.  That’s it, next week we are making Christmas decoration to use up supplies of coffee cups plus its Isla & Lilly’s promise ceremony 🙂

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