Monday 4th November – Confident Communicators!

This week we continued our Communication Skills Builder badge from the Express Myself theme by completing the “Act it Out” activity.  Firstly though, we welcomed a new member to our Unit – Florence M has moved up from Rainbows and joined the Hedgehogs with Roger as her Brownie Buddy.  Florence received her welcome pack which included a 1st Waddington (RAF) Brownies sling bag and pencil, a Becoming a Brownie Book and necker and woggle  A massive Brownie welcome to Florence.  We also sang Happy Birthday to Trevor who attended Brownies even though it was her birthday 😊

Here at 1st Waddington, we have a bit of a weird tradition – if we have 2 Brownie with the same first name, to avoid confusion, one is given a nickname.  The nickname is always an old fashioned boy’s name based on the first letter of their surname.  So,  as we now have 2 Florences, Florence E picked “Edward” to be her new nickname!  Brownies don’t have to have a nickname, it’s purely up to them and it can with withdrawn at any time; indeed Amelia D initially declined having a nickname but decided this week she would like to be known as “Dave!”.

Tweenies (Isla J, Lilly and Florence) went with Daisy to continue their preparing for their Promise while the rest of the girls worked through their Adventure Books – this week we learnt to say thank you in 2 different languages.   Back together for our badge work, the aim of which was to try and tell a story without words, using hand gestures and facial expressions instead.  In groups, the girls had to think of a story inspired by a song we played.  Sixes talked about their ideas and came up with a story that included at least 2 hand gestures such as a thumbs up, an ‘okay’ sign or a ‘come here’ signal.  We then showed the rest of the Unit our stories as a dance.  We had some very energetic and imaginative stories being danced; they were so good that we managed to work out most of them!

Our other activity was an Express Myself UMA – “Magic Moving Postcards”.  Continuing the communication theme, the aim of this activity was to use our bodies and movement to tell the story of an imaginary holiday.  Again, working in their Sixes, the Brownies came up with an imaginary holiday including a destination and activities completed before performing a short mime to the rest of the Unit.

We finished off with games, as Daffodil’s Little Helper, Isla J not only took the register at the beginning of the meeting but also picked our first game.  A few awards: 10th birthday badge to Trevor – Happy Birthday Trevor and a 1st anniversary to Amelia D.  Amelia D was also this week’s Best Brownie for her enthusiasm during the activities without getting silly.  Well done Amelia who received a lovely certificate, 1st Waddington (RAF) Brownies pencil and took home our mascots for the week.

That’s it for now 🙂

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