Monday 27th January – Muscle Magic!

This week we continued with the Be Well theme and completed another part of the Skills Builder Feel Good badge.  Whilst our 4 Tweenies, Evelyn, Florence, Jessica and Libby continued preparing for their upcoming Promise Ceremony with Daisy, the rest of the Brownies had a go at the Be Well UMA “Use it to move it”.  The aim of the activity was to discover where muscles are, explore how muscles move and move our bodies. We split into 3 groups with a balloon and had to practise moving it from Brownie to Brownie by using only certain muscles such as arm muscles but no hands, or shoulder and neck muscles.  It was harder than it seemed, especially when we could only use our calf and thigh muscles!

Once all back together, we completed the “Big Up a Brownie” skills builder task.  The aim was to find out what makes a good team player, discover what we’re good at, think about thinks we could be better at and practise giving positive feedback.  We split into our Sixes and opened the pack-ups Daffodil had prepared for us.  We had an envelope with 12 team member cards; 6 of what a good team player does such as “adds ideas” and 6 of what a bad team player does such as “takes the credit”.   The Brownies had to discuss them in their Sixes and put the cards into the Good Team or Bad Team Player piles.  Next, they had to think about the bad qualities, had they or someone else ever done one of these and why.  Onto the good qualities, the Brownies had to choose one of the cards they would like to be better at.  The last part was to nominate 5 Brownies and write down what made them a good team player; for example “Georgie, you’re fun to play with because you cheer me on”.  Every Brownie had their own envelope which we placed away from the Sixes so that Brownies could secretly slip their nominations into each other’s envelopes.  The Brownies took these home to read about all the nice things written about them 😊  We even had an envelope for the Leaders and got some lovely suggestions, (photos to follow).

To finish off we played the UMA muscle game again before this week’s awards:  Smartest Uniform – Sophie was initially nominated but silly Daffodil realised she’d already won it but well done for remaining to look super smart; Daffodil’s second nomination was Amelia D aka Dave who received a lovely certificate and smartest uniform badge.  Best Brownie was Florence who was nominated by another Brownie, Trevor, for being really helpful and a great team player. Well done Florence who received a lovely certificate and took home our King Stanley mascot and trophy for the week.  Big thank you to Libby who made cakes and brought them in for everyone to try, they were yummy!!

That’s it for now – weekly newsletter to follow in a few days 😊

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