Monday 10th February – Shiny Teeth!

This week we continued our work on the Be Well skills builder badge.  First though, we started off with a presentation of a special certificate, badge and small gift to our 6 wonderful volunteer Brownies who took part in our fundraising bag pack at the weekend.  Well done to Buttercup, Daisy, Snowdrop, Amelia W, Chloe, Lilly, Libby, Paige and Roger.  We raised a fantastic £160 which will either go to pay for our end of term trip or towards a PGL weekend next year.  Daffodil then told the Brownies about the St Barnabas Colour Dash Fest which we are doing as a until; we had lots of very excited and enthusiastic Brownies wanting to take part (parents can sign up now on this website!) We then split into 3 groups:

Tweenies – Evelyn, Florence, Jasmine and Libby with Snowdrop (no Daisy this week as Paige was unwell – get well soon Paige!) who continued preparing for their Promise ceremony which will be held next month.  Buttercup took half of the remaining Brownies to go through the UMA “Fire Fire” while Daffodil took the rest to go through the another 2 UMAs “Cyclist Says” and “Shiny Teeth”.   The Tweenies re-joined us, and we swapped groups, so everyone had a go at all 3 UMAs:

Fire! Fire! The aim of this activity was to practise fire drills.  This fire drill with a twist included a fire safety obstacle course teaching the Brownies the essential Stop, Drop and Roll technique.  Buttercup ran this UMA and the Brownies had a great time and had some really good ideas about what to do in the event of smoke, a fire or if their clothes caught fire.

Shiny Teeth.  The aim of this activity was to play a wink murder style game (a popular Brownie favourite) and become the dentist!  First, we all counted how many teeth we had – not an easy thing to do yourself without a mirror!  Next we had a pow wow about how we should look after our teeth – answers included clean them twice a day, avoid sugary fizzy drinks and go the dentist.  Snowdrop picked the “dentist” – this was the Brownie with the biggest smile, showing off all her lovely teeth.  The dentist left the room while we chose someone to be the “plaque”.  Everyone else was “teeth”.  The “dentist” returned and had to figure out who the “plaque” was.  When the “plaque” gave the secret signal (mining to clean her teeth) to a particular “tooth”, that Brownie had to do their best tooth decay impression and fall to the floor.   The idea being the “dentist” worked out who the “plaque” was before all the “teeth” fell down.  Great fun!

Cyclist Says.  Another great fun activity while practising our cycling safety and listening skills.  Daffodil read out 7 different cycle rules with matching words including “Wear a cycle helmet”, “Look behind you before you turn or stop” and “Stop at red traffic lights”.  We had actions to go with each word, for example “Helmet” – put your hands on your head, “Look” – glance behind you, before facing forwards and freezing for 3 seconds and “Traffic lights” – stop.  The Brownies practiced all the actions first before we played “Cyclist Says” which was a play on the classic “Simon Says” game.  This was very popular so we played it several times.

Onto our Skills Builder “Can You Help Me”, the aim of which was to learn to ask for help and solve puzzles.  Firstly, all Brownies took 2 numbered cards from a bowl. These were stuck on the wall to make one long line of 38 numbers.  The Brownies then had one minute to memorise as much of the line as possible, then another minute to write it down!  Not an easy feat but well done to Roger who managed the first 11 numbers.  We talked about what we could have done to make the puzzle easier – lots of ideas but nobody actually thought of asking for help!  In pairs, we tried again (but to make it harder Daffodil moved the cards.  Roger and Amelia W managed to memorise the first 16 numbers this time.  Lastly, every Brownie was given 2 numbers in sequence which they wrote down and had one minute to memorise.  WWe then went through all the Brownies to see if they could remember their 2 numbers and more importantly, remember them in the right order.  They did it!

We finished off playing Shiny Teeth again before awarding Lilly her 8th birthday badge.  No Best Brownie this week as we had awards for our 6 bag packers instead.  That’s it – no Brownies next week as its half term, back week beginning 24th February. Sign up now for our Colour Dash, the deadline is 28th February.

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