Monday 24th February – Disaster Strikes!

This week we returned to the Have Adventures theme to build up our UMA minutes which are needed for the theme award.  As Daffodil was flying back from Florida, Buttercup was in charge and organised and ran the meeting in her stead.  Well done Buttercup!

Firstly, we welcomed 3 new members: Emmy who has just moved to the area, joined the Rabbits with Chloe as her Brownie Buddy; Gracie has moved up from Rainbows and joined the Hedgehogs with Ned as her Brownie Buddy; and lastly, Evie who has also moved up from Rainbows, joined the Squirrels with Monty as her Brownie Buddy.  Welcome to all 😊

Disaster Strikes was a fun activity which the Brownies enjoyed very much.  They had been stranded on a desert island.  Luckily, they had some useful items to help keep them safe, but they had to make some difficult decisions in order to survive!  The girls had to decide as a team, what 5 items they would grab before their ship sunk remembering that the main things they needed to survive are shelter, warmth, food and water.  Once they had decided, they had to find the hidden items which the Leaders had sneakily hid in our meeting rooms.  We had some heated discussions about what items were best and the Brownies put a lot of thought into the activity.

Some of the Brownies also completed the Strike A Match UMA.  The aim of the activity was to learn how to strike a match safely – a skill that could save your life in a survival situation.  Next to a running tap, Brownies learnt to strike a match and use it to light a candle – this was done under the strictest supervision with a 1:1 adult ratio to ensure maximum safety.

We finished off with the Brownie Best Bits UMA from the Take Action theme. The aim of this activity was to think abut the best thing about being a Brownie and share our favourite moments. The Brownies enjoyed this very much with the favourites being on the theme of friendship and playing games.  Each Six did a freeze frame to show their favourite bits which can be found in our photo gallery.

That’s it, thank you and well done to Buttercup, Daisy and Snowdrop for holding the fort.  Well done also to Paige who was nominated as this week’s Best Brownie by Emmy for going out of her way to help her.

For those attending our Thinking Day event at the weekend, Daffodil has sent a reminder email – see you there!

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