Monday 3rd February – Planetary Puzzles!

This week, we had a break from the Be Well skills builder badge and we completed 3 UMAs from the Have Adventures theme instead 😊   We started with the UMA “Life Cycle Survival”, the aim of which was to discover how crawling caterpillars become fluttering butterflies.  The Brownies had actions to perform based on the 5 stages of a butterfly’s life: For example, Stage 1 – Egg – A caterpillar starts off as an egg.  Action – curl up in a ball on the floor.  This was a great game and the Brownies particularly enjoyed pretending to be caterpillars, moving round on the floor with their elbows tucked in making munching sounds!  This was a great fun way to discover the stages of a butterfly’s life cycle and made the Brownies think quickly!

Next, was the UMA Planetary Puzzles. The aim of this activity was to puzzle our way to put the planets in order by following the clues to discover our solar system.  Each Six had a set of 16 cards, 8 with the letters A-H and 8 with numbers 1-8 on them.  Each letter card represented a planet and had a different fact on each one.  For example, “Gas giant, blue and the coldest planet”.  A4 posters with copies of the A-H cards with the facts were also put out on display for the girls.  Daffodil then read out 10 clues, for example, “The planet furthest from the sun is blue” and the Brownies used these with the facts to work as a team and get the planets in the correct order.  The Brownies enjoyed the puzzle which helped them find out facts about the planets, solve problems and work as a team.  The final Six scores were Foxes 8 out of 8, Hedgehogs 6 out of 8, Rabbits 4 of out 8 and Squirrels 4 out of 8.  These will be added to the Six League Table.

We finished with the UMA Fox, Frog and Flea, another fun game to explore how animals find their food.  It was a bit like rock, paper, scissors but with fox (foxes chase frogs), frogs (frogs chase fleas) and fleas (fleas chase frogs).  We had a few goes of this before playing the Life Cycle Survival game again.   All in all, a great evening of fun, learning some fascinating facts and 90 minutes of UMA ticked off!

Daffodil also spoke to our 5 wonderful volunteers (Amelia W, Chloe, Libby, Paige and Roger), who are joining the Leaders and Lilly (who was having a special birthday tea so wasn’t at Brownies – Happy Birthday Lilly!!) for our fund-raising bag pack on Sunday.  Daffodil has also emailed parents with all details.

Awards:  Well done all those who returned their Water Tracker Tables, as promised Daffodil has awarded 25 points per table giving the Sixes the following extra points: Foxes 50, Hedgehogs 100, Rabbits 75 and Squirrels 25.  Daffodil has extended the deadline to next week as a few Brownies had left them at home.  We presented a 10th birthday to Amelia W and Weekly Best Brownie to Aurora.  Aurora was nominated by Lavender for her enthusiasm and knowledge during Planetary puzzles which helped her Six complete the task.  Well done Aurora, who received a lovely certificate and took home our King Stanley penguin mascot with book and trophy for the week.  The following Brownies were also nominated by their fellow Brownies – Sophie by Libby, Evelyn by Ellie T and Roger by Aurora and jasmine.  Well done to these girls too.

That’s it for now.  Next week, back to the Be Well theme to continue our Feel Good skills builder badge.  Don’t forget Friday is the last chance to sign up for the brilliant Thinking Day trip.  All details on the website.

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