Sunday 9th February – Bag Packing!

On Sunday we completed our first ever bag packing fundraiser.  Paula, the lovely Community Champions liaison met Daffodil at 10am and showed her where we would be.  Our plan was to man 2 tills with a team of one adult and one Brownie, switching shifts every half hour; however, in the end we just floated in front of all the tills with a team at each end!  The Brownies were a little shy to start off with, who wouldn’t be?  Asking a complete stranger if they would like help packing or even just off loading their trolleys onto the conveyor belt was a bit daunting but after watching Daffodil switch on her charm for the first few, the Brownies soon built up their confidence.  Snowdrop and Amelia started on Tills 10-14 at 10.30am and where very busy and got to do the first bit of bag packing but Daffodil and Chloe on Tills 16-20 soon had their hands full too!  We were joined by Daisy, Paige, Buttercup and Roger at 10.45am then Lilly at 11.30am and Libby at 12noon.  We helped plenty of people but also received lovely donations from lots of other shoppers who preferred to bag their own groceries.  The highlight was Paige receiving a £20 note from a very generous gentleman!

We finished at 12.30pm and went home for a well-earned rest.  Daffodil has counted all the pennies and we raised an impressive £159.22 plus 3 euros cent.  Thank you and well done to Buttercup (with Mr Buttercup supporting us too), Daisy, Snowdrop and our lovely volunteer Brownies: Chloe, Libby, Lilly, Paige and Roger.  Everyone will receive a well-done certificate and “I Love Bag Packing” badge. Thank you again.  The money will be used to either fully subsidise our end of term trip to Activities Away or towards PGL next year 🙂

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