Monday 16th March – Super Heroes

Our meeting this week was rather bitter sweet, as it turned out it to be our last meeting for the foreseeable future, as Girlguiding have now suspended all Girlguiding activities in light of COVID-19.  We didn’t know this at the time, so it was business as usual, though we did have to find a new meeting place at very short notice due to our usual venue being closed (again due to COVID-19).  After everyone had arrived, been anti-bac’d and parents had signed the new venue consent form we started Brownies but with a twist!  No hand holding during our songs or games and a challenge not to touch our faces either (harder than you think!).  Buttercup showed the girls a brilliant experiment with milk and pepper (representing our skin and germs) .  Buttercup stuck her finger into the milk and the pepper stuck to it; however, once she had washed her hands thoroughly with soap and water, when she stuck her finger in again … the pepper dispersed away from her finger!  It was fascinating to watch and a good tool to demonstrate the importance of washing our hands properly.  Daffodil read a very short story designed specifically for children about a virus called Coronavirus.  The Brownies then filled in a worksheet to see if they had heard of the virus, how they felt about it and drew a picture to show their feelings – most of our Brownies were understandably worried and scared, not about themselves, but about their elderly relatives.  We sent these sheets home with the Brownies so parents could see what they thought about it all.

On to our main activity: “Super girl” – the last part of our Skills Builder Feel Good badge.   The aim of the activity was for the girls to be a super hero and build up their confidence superpowers and share them with others.  We talked about what confidence meant: “it’s about believing in yourself and feeling good about who you are”.  Everyone had 4 gift tags and on each had to draw or write one of the following:

Something you thought was really hard to do, but you did it.  For example, swimming a length.
What you like most about yourself.
Your favourite thing you’ve done with your friends.
Something that makes you laugh; this could be a funny film you saw or your favourite joke.

Next the girls made a belt from wool/string which became their confidence tool belt on which they threaded the completed gift tags.  These became their confidence building tags to power up their tool belt.  Belts where then put on and the Brownies showed each other their belts and confidence building tools. The Brownies really enjoyed this activity.

Awards: Weekly Best Brownie was Ellie N aka Ned who was nominated by Daisy for being such a good  Brownie Buddy to Evie during her Tweenie Session. Well done Ned who received a certificate and took home the trophy for the week.  Our mascots have gone home with Daffodil for a good wash!  We handed our final letters and health forms for Parva House which are sadly no longer required.

That’s it, Daffodil and the Leaders will keep in touch with our Brownies via email and Daffodil is looking writing a boredom buster a programme for the girls to do at home.  Bye, bye for now and keep safe, keep healthy and keep in touch xx

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