Monday 2nd March – Referee!

This week we continued our work on the Be Well theme.  Firstly, a few Brownies who attended the Thinking Day event on Saturday demonstrated their new Salsa moves they had learnt – well done girls!  Daffodil had also brought back some Hershey’s Kisses following her Florida holiday last week – these went down a treat!  Our newest Tweenie, Gracie had a one to one session with Snowdrop to continue preparing for her Brownie Promise.  Our other Tweenies have finished their pre-promise challenges, and are ready to take their Promise at Parva House at the end of the month.  The rest of the Brownies tried the “Respect the Ref” UMA.  The aim of this activity was to understand the importance of a referee and how they make games fair; recognise unfairness and develop team working skills.  In Sixes, we had 2 groups as the observers while the other 2 Sixes played dodge ball.  Daffodil read out the rules.  The observers had to make a note when the rules where broken during the game, but the lazy referees (Daffodil & Buttercup) paid no attention and did nothing!  After the game, we talked about how the game went; how did the players feel with no referee, what rules the observers had seen broken, what should the referee have been doing and what penalties should be given .  We swapped rules and played dodge ball again but with the referees watching for any rule breakers and issuing out penalties.  The girls really enjoyed this activity though it took a while for them to start “Dodging” the ball rather than trying to catch it!

Once Gracie had joined us, we moved onto the next activity:  “Good Nights” which is part of the Feel Good skills builder badge.  The aim was to investigate good evening routines and create our own evening plan as doing things in the right order in the evening can help us relax and sleep better.  The Brownies had to pretend they were getting ready for bed and had a list of 8 activities; for example, do your homework, play with toys, brush your teeth and put on PJs.  In Sixes, they had to come up with actions for each activity which we then demonstrated to the rest of the Unit before deciding on the best action for each activity.  Daffodil then called out an activity and the Brownies had to do the action.  This was fun!  We had lay on floor for “Get into bed”, drive an imaginary car for “Play with toys” and hop up and down for “Put on your PJs”.  Back into our Sixes to decide what order the activities should be in before making a list of the top 5.  Every Six was different but all included have a meal and put on PJs but one Six forgot to add “Get into Bed”!.

Another game of dodge ball then awards: Thinking Day badges for all those who attended on Saturday; 1st anniversary for Florence M.  Well done to all.  No best Brownie this week.  A quick tidy up and all the chairs put back then it was time to go.

That’s it!

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