Monday 9th March – Crack the Code!

This week we concentrated on the Express Myself theme and completed 3 different Unit Meeting Activity (UMAs).  For those Brownies who have been with us a while now, and not missed a meeting, this means they have reached the mandatory 240 minutes of Express Myself UMAs; this brings them another step closer to receiving their first theme award at the end of term 😊

Our Tweenies went with Snowdrop and Daisy and were split into 2 groups.  Our “older” Tweenies, Evelyn, Florence, Jasmine and Libby, who are due to take their Promise in a couple of weeks and have finished their pre-promise challenges, made a lovely promise heart.  These girls also chose what activities they would like to do on their Promise night. Our 2 newest Tweenies, Evie and Gracie continued working through their Becoming a Brownie book and Mission Promise packs.

The rest of the Brownies played Frogs in a Pond – a fun game with the aim of getting our minds and bodies ready for a performance.  The Brownies were transformed into frogs by a wicked wizard!  They had to keep pretending to be a frog while completing lots of different actions and avoid being caught out by the wizard and turned into frog leg soup!

The Tweenies joined us for our main activity – Crack the Code.  The aim of this activity was to create a code for part of a story.  There were 5 parts, so we had 5 groups each with their own part of the story.  Each group had to create and draw a code using symbols, emojis or colours to represent their part.  For example, if they had “Jack and Jill went up the hill”, they could have drawn the outline of a boy, a plus sign (+), an outline of a girl, an arrow pointing upwards and a picture of a mountain.  Once everyone had created their code, they moved round to each group to try and decipher the other groups’ codes.  It turned out very hard to crack each other’s’ codes but eventually we worked them out and put them together to make the story.  No group managed to work out the whole story, but one group got close with 3 parts out of the 5!

Out last activity was En Pointe, the aim of which was to explore ballet dancing, practice ballet moves and positions.  As our resident ballet dancer, Paige, helped the Leaders with this activity – beautifully demonstrating each move.  We finished the activity with a game rather than creating our own dance but had a great time trying the different dance steps.

Awards – 8th birthday to Isla and 10th for Libby.  Happy birthday to both 🙂  This week’s Best Brownie was nominated by Buttercup and Snowdrop as Evelyn for sheer enthusiasm through all our activities today plus she’s a lovely Brownie too!

That’s it.   Next week we will finish the Feel-Good skills builder badge, can’t believe we’ve only 3 meetings left this term!!

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