Monday 13th April – Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! Again, although normally we would have broken up for the Easter holidays and therefore had no Brownie meeting this week, we are continuing to run our Brownies at Home programme and Daffodil is receiving on average one email a day from Brownies showing their lovely work.  Super well done to those received this week (photos of all work uploaded to our Photo page):

Sophie (and family) very kindly volunteered to look after our planters.  We have 2 planters in front of the shop on camp.  They’ve been to do some much needed weeding and removing of rubbish.  To brighten them up for children walking past, they also added a few Easter pictures.  Thank you 😊

Ellie aka Ned has continued to send in work for her Butterfly Challenge badge including a pair of beautiful butterfly wings.  She also made a fabulous Brownie shield.  She just needs to do one more clause to earn the badge 🙂

Eloise has continued her Grow Your Own badge work by designing her dream garden.  The tomato seeds that she planted a couple of weeks ago are coming along nicely too.

 Isla J completed the Brownie acrostic poem challenge – what a terrific poem Isla 😊

Evelyn has completed another part of her Jobs badge -creating an advert for her dream job (a nurse) and looking up questions to interview someone for that job.

Daffodil has planted our donated seedlings into bigger pots ready for them to grow a bit more so they can be added to our planters in late May/early June.  Daffodil is is also trialing 30-Day Lego Challenge ready to go into our next pack-ups as part of our Brownies at Home programme. We have taken part in the Thursday 8pm Clap for Carers and continued to light our little Guiding candles.  Thank you for all our key workers and NHS staff for their continued work at this difficult time.   Important dates for your diaries:

Every Sunday between 7.10 and 8.20 pm – light a candle in your windows – and join all Girlguiders around the world to show our “This Little Guiding Light of Mine” .

Every Wednesday at 8pm – Clap for Carers – join in on doorsteps or from windows to clap for all our carers and key workers and thank them for their Service.

That’s it for now.   Keep safe, keep healthy and keep in touch xx

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