Monday 6th April – Easter Badge Work!

Although normally we would have broken up for the Easter holidays and therefore had no Brownie meeting this week, we are continuing to run our Brownies at Home programme and Daffodil has received even more emails showing work completed.   Well done to those received this week (photos of all work uploaded to our Photo page):

Aurora – Aurora has finished her Baking badge by designing, making and decorating unicorn cookies. She also created a story about a penguin.  Aurora has already competed the baking badge at our weekend away last year but as she’s done something completely different for this one, she’ll still receive the badge.  Or she can count it as the food element of one of the other challenge badges sent out.

Chloe – Chloe has made soda bread; she’s made it so many times that she doesn’t need a recipe anymore!  Like Aurora, she already has the Baking badge so is looking at completing the Journey into Europe challenge badge – with the bread covering the food element.

Gracie  – Gracie has completed the Butterfly Challenge badge by learning all about butterflies, drawing then, making a butterfly mobile and planting flowers especially for them.  The planting flowers portion could also count towards her Grow Your Own interest badge!

Buttercup has run another session of her Bonkers Bunker Bingo on Sunday which saw even more family and friends joining in.  Our Unit got a mention on the @LincsPolice Twitter account on 30th March which was lovely.   A mention for those of our Leaders who are key workers and as such still working full time and helping the NHS and the RAF run smoothly: Daisy, Lavender and Blossom.  Thank you for your Service 😊

We’ve added even more activities to our Brownies at Home page so please do check it out.  Important dates for your diaries:

Every Sunday between 7.10 and 8.20 pm – light a candle in your windows – and join all Girlguiders around the country to show our “This Little Guiding Light of Mine” .

Every Wednesday at 8pm – Clap for Carers – join in on doorsteps or from windows to clap for all our carers and key workers and thank them for their Service.

That’s it for now.  Please check spam folders as I’ve sent out a few emails but had no response.   Keep safe, keep healthy and keep in touch xx

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