Monday 11th May – VE Day 75

Here we are again .. another week without our Brownie meetings but what’s important is we are keeping safe, keeping healthy and keeping in touch.  A few more emails this week.  Thank you and well done to these Brownies for all their hard work:

Ellie N finished her Butterfly Challenge badge by completing her 5th clause – planting butterfly-friendly plants.  Well done Ellie.

Lilly has been a great help to her mum.  Poor mum was recently in hospital with pneumonia and Lilly coped fantastically and helped looked after her; a wonderful little carer.  Well done Lilly who has won last Week’s Weekly Best Brownie – certificate and one of our mascots to be included in her next Brownies at Home pack up.

An extra special well done to Mia who has started her Baking badge despite never actually attending Brownies (due to the lock down!).  Very impressive.  She also coloured in the 2 different Guiding Light photos.

Please keep up the good work and we’re looking forward to awarding lots of Brownie interest and challenge badges when we do return.  As soon as the Girlguiding shop starts trading again Daffodil will order the badges.  So far we’ve had 11 Brownies sending work in – here’s a summary of what Daffodil has received:

Grow Your Own Interest badge. Eloise & Amelia have finished; Ellie N, Lilly and Isla J need to do 2 more clauses (the design & care plan clauses).
Baking Interest Badge.  Aurora has finished.  Isla J need to do 2 more clauses (design & decorate plus the story clauses), Mia just needs to do the story clause.
Jobs Interest badge. Evelyn just needs to complete the last part – the Interview clause.
Butterfly Challenge Badge. Ellie N & Gracie have finished.  Badges ordered.
Ladybird Challenge Badge. Isla J has started this badge and needs to do 4 more clauses.  Badge ordered.

Did everyone have a fabulous VE Day 75 weekend?  We hope so.  Daffodil coloured in and decorated the front of her house with some Guiding themed VE day bunting plus one or 2 flags!  Did anybody else complete any of the VE Day activities Daffodil put up on the website?  We’d love to see photos if you did.

That’s it for now.   Make sure you check out our Brownies at Home Page for information about a new competition and festival event from Girlguiding!  Keep safe, keep healthy and keep in touch xx

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