Monday 25 May – Bank Holiday Weekend

Happy Bank holiday!!  Hoping everyone is keeping safe and well and had a fabulous bank holiday weekend.  A few more emails this week.  Thank you and well done to these Brownies for all their hard work:

Mia has continued her impressive momentum and has now completed her Grow Your Own interest badge and started on her 3rd Brownie interest badge – Languages.  She’s sent Daffodil a video of her practicing Finnish with her mummy.  Well done Mia!

Aurora has also completed her Grow Your Own badge by growing sunflowers and lettuce.  Chloe has made a start on this badge with some plantings too.

Gracie has been working very hard to complete the Ladybird challenge badge by making a ladybird house, painting a picture, researching a ladybird’s life cycle and 40 things which fly.  She has also painted a beautiful daffodil picture to cheer Daffodil up – thank you Gracie!

Here’s this week’s update of what we’ve received:
Grow Your Own Interest badge. Amelia W, Aurora, Eloise & Mia have finished; Chloe, Ellie N, Isla J and Lilly need to do 2 more parts (the design & care plan clauses).
Baking Interest Badge.  Aurora and Mia have finished.  Isla J needs to do 2 more parts (design & decorate plus the story clauses).
Jobs Interest badge. Evelyn just needs to complete the last part – the Interview.
Languages Interest Badge.  Mia need to do the other 2 parts.
Butterfly Challenge Badge. Ellie N & Gracie have finished.
Ladybird Challenge Badge. Gracie has finished. Isla J has started this badge and needs to do 4 more parts.

We were hoping to be back next week; sadly, this is not to be the case so fingers crossed for a return in September.  Buttercup, Daffodil and Snowdrop will be hand delivering our May challenge pack ups later this week – enjoy!

That’s it for now.   Keep safe, keep healthy and keep in touch xx

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