Monday 4th May – VE Day Celebrations

Hoping everyone is keeping safe and healthy and not getting too stir crazy during the lock down! Just one email received this week but hopefully more coming our way soon.  Well done Isla J for starting work on her Grow Your Own interest badge.  For everyone – please keep up the good work and we’re looking forward to awarding lots of Brownie interest and challenge badges when we do return.  Speaking of badges, just to clarify .. the white boxes on the Badge Boredom Buster pack are just fun challenges to do at home, they are not part of any badge syllabus. If Brownies want to work towards gaining badges, they need to complete 3 boxes of the same colour on the same page. For example, 3 blue boxes on page 2 would earn a Brownie their ”My Rights” interest badge; 3 purple boxes on page 3 would be the “Grow Your Own” interest badge and so on. There are also badges in the Easter Challenge pack – complete 5 clauses to earn a badge. It’s just not possible to award badges for all activities simply because badges don’t exist for everything.  Additionally, the cost would be too much, bearing in mind that the Unit is already down £500 this term as we’re not collecting subs, and we are running our Brownies at Home programme which does still incur costs to the Unit (such as paper, printing, postage, envelopes, website hosting etc.).

This week we would have been celebrating VE Day 75 with a specially themed meeting.  Our plan was to make evacuee labels, design a VE Day medal, play war time games and try some old rationing recipes.  Sadly, as the lock down and Girlguiding suspension continues this is not to be.  However, never fear!  Daffodil has pulled together some of our planned activities into one PDF and this can be downloaded from our website Brownies at Home page.  Print off as much or as little as you’d like – it includes activities for all the family to do ready for the VE Day weekend celebrations.  We’ve even decorated our website ready!

We’ve continued to take part in the Thursday 8pm Clap for Carers which has now been combined with #Uniform4Uniforms where members of Girlguiding show our appreciation for key workers by wearing our Girlguiding uniform during the nationwide clap. Thank you as always to all our key workers, military and NHS staff for their continued work at this difficult time.   Important dates for your diaries:

Every Sunday between 7.10 and 8.20 pm – light a candle in your windows – and join all Girlguiders around the world to show our “This Little Guiding Light of Mine” .

Every Thursday at 8pm – Clap for Carers/Uniform4Uniforms – join in on doorsteps or from windows to clap for all our carers and key workers and thank them for their Service.

That’s it for now.   Keep safe, keep healthy and keep in touch xx

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