Monday 1st June – Gardening Madness!

Hello everyone!  First thing first, a massive Brownie hello and welcome to Amelia M and Bobbin who would have been joining us this week. Sadly, due to the continued COVID-19 Girlguiding suspension, we won’t meet them in person, but they have still officially joined our Unit and will be taking part in our Brownies at Home programme along with everyone else. Both received their welcome pack-ups last week including their neckers, sling bag, Tweenie programme and lots of other activities. When we do restart, Bobbin will be joining the Rabbits and Amelia will be joining the Squirrels. Welcome!

So, what have our Brownies been up to this week?

Isla J has finished her Grow Your Own interest badge by designing her dream garden. She was very proud of her design, choosing all the different flowers by herself and making sure they would be planted in lines to keep them nice and tidy. She also wrote a detailed plant care timetable; we particularly liked No. 11 “When they are still alive, smell them, give them to someone or love them!” Well done Isla.

Sophie’s dad collected 6 geraniums from Daffodil at the weekend. Daffodil had been growing them since the 6 seedlings were donated by Pennells back in March. Sophie and family gave both planters a good clean out  (2 bags worth of leaves, weeds  etc.) and planted the new geraniums. Fingers crossed they will continue to grow and make our planters look lovely. During this hot weather, they ideally need watering every day, so if any Brownies are passing by, we would be incredibly grateful if they could give them a good water. For all her hard work on our planters, Sophie is this week’s Best Brownie. Her certificate was picked up with the geraniums; unfortunately, both our mascots are out with Lilly and Gracie so Daffodil popped in a Girlguiding spotty pencil instead.  Thank you and well-done Sophie (and family).

So, here’s this week’s badge update:

Grow Your Own badge. Chloe, Ellie N and Lilly to do the design & care plan clauses.
Baking Interest Badge. Isla J to do the design & decorate plus the story clauses.
Jobs Interest badge. Evelyn just to complete the last clause – the Interview.
Languages Interest Badge. Mia to do the other 2 parts.

We’ve added 3 Bring a Friend nights to our calendar; one per term, so keep an eye out ready to invite your friends/siblings.

That’s it for now. Keep safe, keep healthy and keep in touch xx

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