Monday 22 June – Challenge Time!

Hello!  We hope everyone is well.

Did anyone take part in the Girlguiding Anglia – Midsummer Sleepover Challenge this weekend?   If so, Daffodil would love to hear what you got up to so she can order you a badge.  Our District is thinking of running their own virtual sleepover later in the summer; let Daffodil know if interested.

Once again, we’ve not received any lovely emails from our Brownies this week but suspect this is due to most of them now being back at school and working hard to catch up!  So, no change to last week’s badge update:

Grow Your Own. Chloe, Ellie N and Lilly to do the design & care plan clauses.
Baking Interest Badge. Isla J to do the design & decorate plus the story clauses.
Jobs Interest badge. Evelyn just to complete the last clause – the Interview.

We are now running a weekly challenge – one will be added to our weekly newsletter  which is emailed to all parents and one to our weekly blog.  So have a go at both and let Daffodil know how you got or email her for the answer!  Thanks to our Girlguiding colleague Louse Hammond-Wray who created all the daily challenges.

So, this week’s blog challenge is Change a Letter – looking at the picture , can you change the word from Good to Turn in 5 steps by changing just one letter?  Good luck!  That’s it for now. Keep safe, keep healthy and keep in touch xx


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