Monday 8 June – Hei ja tervetuloa!

This week in honour of Mia finishing her languages badge we’ll start with some Finnish – Hei ja tervetuloa – which translates to hello and welcome!  So, what have our Brownies been up to this week?

Amelia W sent in photos of the vegetables she planted as part of her Grow Your Own badge. This was their first crop from the veg patch. Amelia and her siblings have loved watching and helping these grow.  The family harvested their first broccoli last week plus they shredded some leaves to have in their chicken pasta for dinner one night. Potatoes will be ready in a few weeks.  Well done Amelia and family.

Mia, as mentioned, has finished her Languages interest badge.  She practiced learning Finnish with her cousin and tried to teach both her mum and grandma some too.  Mia finished off by learning 3 language facts and 2 facts about the Finnish culture.  Did you know Finnish has no word for “please”?  It also has really long words, extra letters and is very difficult to learn.  The title of this week’s blog is in Finnish and means “Hello and welcome!”.  Mia also sent in photographs of her doing the May pack-up activities: she coloured in both posters, designed a badge and made a gnome pop-up toy.  Well done Mia.

Isla J really enjoyed playing the pack-up scavenger hunt, they mixed it up by adding items that her little brother could also get but what a fab way to spend a rainy afternoon, running manically around the house.  What fun!

Amelia D has also loved receiving our pack-ups.

So, here’s this week’s badge update:

Grow Your Own badge. Chloe, Ellie N and Lilly to do the design & care plan clauses.
Baking Interest Badge. Isla J to do the design & decorate plus the story clauses.
Jobs Interest badge. Evelyn just to complete the last clause – the Interview.

More activities uploaded to our Brownies at Home page. Daffodil is now looking at starting some virtual meetings but this will depend on interest shown. More details to follow!

That’s it for now. Keep safe, keep healthy and keep in touch xx

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