Monday 6 July – Missing Our Brownies

Hello everyone!  We’re still missing our weekly meetings like crazy and can’t wait to get back to Brownie activities; however, we are still waiting news from Girlguiding about a possible lift to the suspension of face to face meetings.  This is the latest news:

We’re finalising the resources you’ll need and the local process that we’ll ask you to go through to get face to face guiding up and running again, watch this space. It will be possible for some members of Girlguiding to meet outdoors later this month if they are abiding by local government rules, have followed our new guidelines and process, observe social distancing and have two volunteers present if they are meeting young members. For those who can’t, Adventures at home will continue and we’re providing support and training for online guiding.

We’re keeping up to date with developments and have several plans and contingencies planned so we can continue to run the Unit in some capacity or another.  No emails this week but hopefully these will pick up again once school finishes for the summer in a couple of weeks.  So, no change to this week’s badge update – Daffodil has ordered the badges in anticipation and these have now arrived.  They will be posted out to those who complete them:

Grow Your Own badge. Chloe, Ellie N and Lilly to do the design & care plan clauses.
Baking Interest Badge. Isla J to do the design & decorate plus the story clauses.
Jobs Interest badge. Evelyn just to complete the last clause – the Interview.

Last week’s answer to All Things Brownie: 1.Badge book | 2. Trousers | 3. Mushroom | 4. Sleeping bag | 5. Torch | 6. Pencil | 7. Promise badge | 8. First Aid Kit | 9. Trainer | 10. Owl

This week’s blog challenge is Word Maker.  How many words can you make from the phrase “Brownies are Awesome”.   Check out this week’s newsletter for or other weekly challenge.  That’s it for now. Keep safe, keep healthy and keep in touch xx

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