Monday 12 October – Beware Wild Animals!

This week was all about animals, covering the All Creatures Great and Small UMA.  We started out with the pillowcase game – the Brownies were asked to bring a pillowcase with 10 random items in, making them as unusual or unique as possible but given no idea what they would be used for.  Daffodil asked them to take one item out and imagine what animal it could be or represent.  To get us started, Daffodil pulled out a hairbrush which looked a little like a spiky hedgehog.  We had 3 rounds of this game and the Brownies did really well, some have amazing imaginations coming up with: Paper plate – sting ray, Bottle of water – fish, Ear plug – earwig insect, pencil – snake plus many more than Daffodil forgot to write down!

Next was the “Would You Rather” game .Buttercup asked a number of questions starting with “Would you rather” and the Brownies voted on what they’d rather do, for example: “Would you rather have a pet unique or a pet dragon”.  The Brownies then took turns to ask everyone else a question, we had some very funny choices to make including “Would you rather be in the desert in a winter coat or in Antarctica in a bikini!”.  We also had a quick round of Funny Picture – drawing pictures on our heads – always great fun !

It was time for break so the Leaders showed the Brownies their newspaper animals and we asked them to make their own out of newspaper, magazine or even scrap paper using cello tape to stick them together.  Daisy had made a fabulous peacock, Buttercup an enormous 2-legged giraffe and Daffodil an elephant. If they found these too difficult, they had a pet scratch card in their Zoom Packs to decorate.  After the break, we brought our animals back and we had a vote which ones would go into the Zoo and a discussion about critically endangered and endangered animals.  Again, the Brownies did a fantastic job and we had elephants, fish, lizards, owls and other great animals which we voted to put all into the zoo.

At 7pm it was our Pet Show.  We had a few live animals including Daffodil’s dog Bertie, Daisy’s rabbit & guinea pig and Buttercup’s crocheted fish!  Libby brought her cat Salem and her baby tortoise, Gracie and Amelia brought their dogs and Ellie showed us her pet lizard complete with shredded skin!  We also had pictures of our favourite pet or animals and even some cuddly toys.  It was a great show and tell!  We finished off with the Logo game and cards playing higher or lower.

A great animal themed evening, Buttercup and Daffodil are looking forward to repeating it next week with Group 2!  That’s it, thank you to Daisy for joining us this week and for donating a bag full of crafty items to the Unit which Daffodil will pick up later this week.

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