Monday 19 October – Animal Fun!

For Group 2, this week also had an animal theme whilst at the same time covering the All Creatures Great and Small UMA.  After a quick game of heads or tails while waiting for everyone to join us, we took the register, said our Promise and Law together before jumping into our first game of the evening. The Brownies were asked to bring a pillowcase with 10 random items in, making them as unusual or unique as possible but given no idea what they would be used for. Snowdrop asked them to take one item out and imagine what animal it could be or represent. As per last week, to get us started, Daffodil pulled out a hairbrush which looked a little like a spiky hedgehog. We played this a little differently to last week; for round 1 the Brownies took something out of their pillowcase and had a go at suggesting what animal it could be by themselves; for round 2, they took turns to pull another item from the pillowcase but this time all the Brownies suggested different animals. Our Brownies did really well though we did have a lot of snakes this week: candle, pen, headband – snake, pom pom – jellyfish, fan – hedgehog/peacock, book – penguin, mask – bat and so on.

A quick game of cards Higher or Lower before break. The Leaders showed the Brownies their newspaper animals and we asked them to make their own out of newspaper, magazine or even scrap paper using cello tape to stick them together.  Snowdrop and Chloe had made a brilliant hedgehog, Buttercup an enormous 2-legged giraffe and Daffodil an elephant plus we also had Daisy’s amazing emu from last week. If they found these too difficult, they had a pet scratch card in their Zoom Packs to decorate.  After the break, we brought our animals back and had a discussion about critically endangered and endangered animals. The Brownies did an amazing job this week and we had some really impressive newspaper animals including a snake, tortoise, unicorn and dog.

At 7pm, it was time for our Pet Show. Not so many animals this week but we did end up having a lovely show and tell question session for those live animals who joined us including Snowdrop’s dog. We finished off with the Logo game.

Another great animal themed evening! Half term next week so no Brownie meeting but we’ll see Group 1 again in 2 weeks and Group 2 in 3 weeks.  Have a fabulous half term everyone!  Oops, forgot to say Happy Birthday to Snowdrop for Wednesday xxx

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