Monday 5 October – A Curious Caterpillar!

It was Group 2’s turn to enjoy our butterfly themed meeting.  We started as usual with the Register and a quick catch up and joke session while waiting for everyone to join us before starting the UMA “Life Cycle Survival”. The aim of this UMA was to discover how crawling caterpillars become fluttering butterflies. As per last week, this UMA was adapted to best suit our Virtual meeting so we started by listening to the story of the Curious Caterpillar.  The Brownies had to do actions based on certain words of the story:

EGG: Curl your hands up into fists
CATERPILLAR: Wiggle with elbows tucked in making munching sounds
LADYBIRD: Pretend to drink tea with a little finger sticking out
BEE: Buzz and flap your hands like tiny wings
GRASS HOOPER: Do tiny seat jumps in your seat like you are hopping
BUTTERFLY: Gently flap your arms as if you are flying away

We then talked about the 5 stages of a butterfly’s life:
Stage 1: Egg. A caterpillar starts off as an egg.
Stage 2: Caterpillar. When a caterpillar is born it eats lots of leaves.
Stage 3: Chrysalis. Once caterpillars have had enough food they make a  very special pod called a chrysalis and climb inside it.  Action:
Stage 4: Metamorphosis. While they are in the chrysalis, the caterpillars turn into butterflies – this is called metamorphosis.
Stage 5: Butterfly. When it comes out of the chrysalis, the caterpillar has formed into a butterfly.

As we had 10 or so minutes left before break, we played some games including Heads or Tails as Daffodil has a nifty heads of tails app on her smart watch; Higher or Lower cards and the funny Cake quiz that we tried out last week.  All games went down a treat.  At break, the Brownies went off to do the first craft of the evening which was a model to represent the butterfly’s life cycle.  After the break, it was time to do our second craft together, an easy butterfly origami while watching a YouTube video of the craft.  This proved a little trickier than last week but we all got there in the end and made some beautiful butterflies.

We just had time for 2 rounds of Hangman using the whiteboard.  The girls did really well and manage to guess both films: Frozen and Nanny McPhee.  We said goodnight and signed off for another 2 weeks.  Well done girls and see you all for our Animal themed week soon.

Group 1 will meet next week; Zoom invites will go out Sunday so please check your SPAM folders.  Due to some confusion with the Zoom invites, these will now have the date of the meeting in the subject and we be re-sent to everyone.  Have a great weekend.

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