Monday 16 November – Girlguiding Week

This week was Girlguiding week so we completed 3 activities to reinforce our knowledge of Girlguiding in general, WAGGGS and our Promise and Law.  We started off as usual with a quick catch up followed by saying our Promise and Law together.  WAGGGS, the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, has one unifying symbol with every part of the design having a special meaning. This symbol is on the World badge and there is a version of it on our Promise badges. We watched a 4-minute video by Girlguiding Anglia all about WAGGGS and learnt about the different aspects of their symbol. We then played a “beetle drive” drive game to colour in our WAGGGS symbols, reinforcing along the way what each part of the symbol represented for example: What do the 3 leaves stand for? The 3 parts of the original promise created by Lord Baden-Powell.  What do the stars represent? The Promise and the Law and so on.

We had time for our favourite quick-fire scavenger hunt round before break. This week the Brownies completed a paper chain based on how many good turns they had completed that week. A good turn is something you do to help someone else, just to be kind. Doing good turns is an important part of keeping your Brownie promise and can help your local community a better place to live.  The Brownies wrote their good turns (and for those who hadn’t completed any yet, planned good turns) on the paper chain slips. These were then stuck together and brought back to the meeting where we shared some of our good turns. A common theme for this week was donating to Children in Need but we also had Brownies helping out around the house, cleaning out pets and helping friends at home. The girls were asked to continue writing their good turns down, grow their paper chain and bring it back in 2 weeks to show everyone.

A game of hang man on the whiteboard before our last activity. The girls almost lost this week, just one arm left and our poor man would have been toast!  The tricky film to guess Jumaji! The Brownie Pocket Challenges activity was a bit of a history lesson and problem-solving game. Until 1990, Brownies carried a variety of items in their pockets so they were always ready to “lend a hand” and help out in an emergency. These items included a white handkerchief, plasters, safety pins, 5p or 10p coins, string, notepad or paper, pencil and a plastic food bag to hold everything in. The Brownies were given different scenarios and had to come up with a solution using only the items in their pocket. We had some really inventive ideas including Libby’s solution to “Your sister has gone to an appointment, but they’ve just called to cancel.  You can see her at the end of the road”.  Bearing in mind there were no mobile phones back then, Libby’s ingenious ideas was to write a note using the paper and pencil, fold it into a paper aeroplane and send it to her sister! We had lots of other great ideas; unfortunately though, we just don’t get chance to write them all down. To finish, just enough time for another quick round scavenger hunt then it was time to sign off.

That’s it for now.  Group 2 are meeting next week 😊

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