Monday 2 November – All Stop Here!

This week was Travel week and we had a great time riding on the Brownie Bus before going on an imaginary cycle ride!  After catching up after our week away we started off by saying the Brownie promise and law together then had a game of Halloween Dobble which was great fun and a big hit with the Brownies.

Onto our programme activities – a combination of The Brownie Bus UMA and Reflect Skills Builder – Stop the Bus!  We went on a virtual trip around our community.  The Brownies suggested places to visit in their community such as the library, school, doctors, shops etc.  We then went on the bus and completed different actions depending on where we stopped.  We had fun pretending to be bounced around on a wild bus ride (driven by Daffodil initially then by some of the Brownies) before Daffodil rang the bell and Buttercup shouted out where we’d stopped. Stops included the pool with swimming actions, doctors – rubbing our sore tummies, coffee shop, drinking and so. We then switched it around by hopping back on the bus to find a place that matched a description such as “Somewhere you can rest”, Brownies shouted out the answers, coffee shop, library, park etc.

As we had plenty of time left before before break, we did a beetle drive.  The Brownies had to draw a monster but they could only draw individual characteristics based on the roll of a dice; so, No 1 = draw an eye, No 3 = draw a body etc.  We had some crazy 2 headed, 4-eyed monsters at the end!  We repeated the game, this time drawing a building.  We then did a quick-fire scavenger hunt.  Buttercup had 34 different scavenger hunt cards, so the Brownie took turns to pick a number between 1 – 34 and whatever was on the card, is what we had to find.  We had some easy ones: something silver, something wooden and some slightly trickier ones: something smooth, something shiny.  The Brownies enjoyed this version of the scavenger hunt.

Our break activity was to draw a map of their community; it had to include their home and school plus 3 other places but the rest was up to their imagination and how much detail they wanted to put in.  Everyone brought back their maps to show and tell after break – a splendid effort by all and we were seriously impressed with how much effort and detail they put into their maps (as shown on our photo).

Our last programme activity was the Cycling Says UMA.  We discussed the ABC Bike Check Rule – Air in your tyres, Brakes and Chain before playing a game which reinforce the safety rules of cycling.  Helmets on and off we went.  Buttercup shouted out the key words and we had to do the action.  For example: Rule – Wear a Cycle Helmet, Word – helmet, Action – put your hands on your head and so on.  For added difficulty we then it into Cyclist Says (as in Simon Says).  At the Brownies request, we finished off with another quick scavenger hunt round.  Photos of our meetings have been uploaded.

That’s it!  Group 2 will be meeting next week.  See you then.

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