Monday 18 January – Magnificent Machines!

This week was Magnificent Machines week so we completed the Vortex UMA: “Come fly with us and find out how vortexes help us sore through the skies.” We watched a short video by Girlguiding which explained perfectly what a vortex was and discussed the different parts of an aeroplane. The Brownies did really well and managed to name most of the important parts of an aircraft including the tail, wings, engine and landing gear. We also learnt about the air frame, fuselage, flight controls and flight instruments. We made our own vortex using a paper cup and balloon and practiced using the air created by the vortex to knock down pieces of paper.

Our first game of the evening was Battleships! Daffodil had a grid on a PowerPoint slide where she had hidden 3 battleships; the Brownies took turns to call out the grid references to try and sink her battleships. We were able to annotate the hits and misses on the PowerPoint slide so the Brownies could see her grid (just like the real game). It took them 7 minutes to sink Daffodil’s ships!

For break we had a foam flying glider to put together plus we designed and decorated our own paper aeroplanes. We flew both and measured how far they went to see which aircraft flew the furthest. After break we completed the Lend a Hand UMA. Did you know that “Lend a Hand” was a Girlguiding motto as a reminder of how we could keep the Brownie Guide law? For this activity we had to think how everyday objects could be used to “lend a hand” and thereby keep our Brownie Guide Law (A Brownie Guide thinks of others before herself and does a good turn everyday”). Daffodil put up a selection of PowerPoint slides; each slide had 2 objects such as washing pegs, dog lead, plaster, tea towels etc. and the Brownies had 10 seconds to think of a good turn they could do with the object to lend a hand. We had some creative ideas, some for helping the Brownies themselves rather than others but once we reminded them that the idea was to lend a hand to someone else, we soon had lots of helpful Brownies!

Our next game was “Would You Rather?”. Daffodil had 14 random questions and the Brownies took turns to pick a number between 1 and 14 and this was our question. The most “controversial” question was “Would you rather brush your teeth with soap or drink a glass of sour milk?” We were divided on this one!

Our last magnificent machines UMA was Ship Shape. For this we were on board the HMS Brownie, discovering how to make sure ships going on a voyage have the right number of items (their logistics). Everyone had a set of cards: cargo, crew, fuel, passengers and food. Daffodil put a slide up showing a voyage with what was required and the girls had to choose and hold up one card and hopefully as a team we had everything we needed. For example: A short journey delivering post to an island – the ship required 1 fuel, 1 cargo, 1 crew, 1 passenger and 1 food. On the count of 3, the Brownies had to put up one card. We checked if we had everything and if not, had another go. The virtual adaption of this UMA worked really well and the girls enjoyed working as a team to ensure our ship had everything on board and even managed to come up with their own trips and logistic requirements.

Our last game of the evening was Hangman. Daisy picked the movie category and the girls correctly guessed “Over the Moon”. Well done girls.  A quiet but fun meeting – it seemed so strange to only have a handful of Brownies on screen after having 19 for our virtual sleepover!

That’s it for now. Brownies need to save the paper cup vortex as it will be needed to make a telescope in a couple of weeks. The photos, blog and feedback survey from our virtual sleepover have all be uploaded and links can be found on the Facebook group page.

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