Zooming Around the World: A Virtual Sleepover

So we’ve had lots of firsts for our Unit in the last 9 months: 1st virtual Brownie meeting, 1st virtual Promise ceremony, 1st virtual Christmas party but this weekend was the best first yet! Our first ever virtual sleep over: Zooming Around the World. We had 17 Brownies, 2 sisters and 4 Leaders joined us on our virtual trip around the world!

We started our journey Saturday morning by visiting Africa. Did you know that Africa is the world’s second largest continent and has 54 countries and more than 1.1 billion people living there? We watched a short National Geographic video on Africa to get us in the African mood before making our African musical rain sticks. A rain stick is a rattle made of hollowed plant stalks which, when turned or shaken, produces a pattering sound similar to rain. Our rain sticks were made from empty toilet rolls filled with spare buttons and decorated. We then played a game called Travel Tickets (part of the Have Adventures theme) – exploring different ways to travel and learning how to plan a journey. We finished off chatting about where we were going to sleep (girls had to sleep anywhere but their beds!). We signed off for this session but the girls were very busy all day completing other crafts and activities from the programme booklet and we had a steady stream of uploads to our Facebook group.

Saturday afternoon was our fantastic drumming session led by Rhythmicity. The girls learnt to create and develop rhythms, control tempo and dynamics (speed & volume) and got to play the drums (pots & pans) and the Africa rain sticks we made that morning as shakers.  It was very noisy but everyone had a great time.

Our last Zoom session Saturday evening started out by making fabulous chocolate mug cakes led by Buttercup with a show and tell of what crafts we’d done during the day while we munched away. We played another game (from the Take Action theme) – planning our favourite snack and discovering where our treats come from and the impact of “food miles”.  We finished off with a bedtime story read by Buttercup: Anansi and Turtle (a Ghanaian folktale). Then it was time to say goodnight and go to sleep in a variety of dens, sleeping bags and tents made by the Brownies.

Sunday morning saw us up bright and early at 9.30am. For this Zoom session, we were visiting Asia so started with another short video to introduce us to this fascinating continent. Did you know Asia is the largest Continent on our planet, both in size and population with 48 different countries! Our craft was an Asian elephant sewing kit; a few Brownies just needed a hand to thread the needle and get started but then everyone got the hang of this easy sewing kit. We had a lovely natter while sewing, talking about our favourite parts of the sleepover weekend and sharing all our amazing crafts we’d been completing.  More importantly, we sang Happy Birthday (twice) to Buttercup who was celebrating her birthday whilst taking part in the weekend.

All too soon, it was time to say goodbye and enjoy the rest of our weekend.  The girls have 2 weeks to finish all their activities (6 in total for the badge from the programme booklet) and we are looking forward to seeing photos of everyone’s efforts.  All photos received so far have been uploaded. Keep them coming, Daffodil will check badge evidence during the week.

A great virtual sleepover; thank you to the Brownies being so brilliant, joining in and giving it their all. Thank you to the parents for their support and being on hand to help their daughters when needed. Thank you to Snowdrop, Buttercup & Daisy for giving up their weekend to make it happen.

A feedback survey to follow then on to planning the next one!

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