Monday 1 February – Uniquely Me!

This week our theme was Uniquely Me and we continued our work on the Skills Builder badge “Reflect” from the Know Myself theme. Our meeting format was a little different this week as Daffodil was away due to a family bereavement, so we had to juggle zoom accounts and meeting times to fit everything in and ensure it all went to plan. A massive thank you to Buttercup and Snowdrop who did brilliantly running the meeting at such short notice!

We started off with game of Chinese New Year-themed Dobble via PowerPoint which was fun and then learnt a little about the Chinese Zodiacs. We discovered which animal zodiac we were and what animal characteristics we shared. It was very interesting. On to our first programme activity: DNA-mazing. The aim was to explore the differences and similarities between people and understand ways genes help make us who we are. We learnt that genetics is the scientific study of genes – tiny pieces of information, stored in our bodies in something called DNA. Genes decide things about the way our bodies look and work like what colour eyes we have. We carried out our own experiment to see what DNA characteristics we had. Buttercup read out a list of 8 different characteristics and based on the results, the Brownies had to draw a red or green dot on their DNA card. For example:

Handedness: Are you right or left-handed? If right, draw a red dot; if left, draw a green dot.
Freckles: Do you have freckles? If yes, draw a green dot; if no, draw a red dot.
Earlobes: Do you have detached or attached ear lobes? If detached, draw a green dot; if attached, draw a red dot.
And so on until our card was full of red and green dots.

Once we worked out our unique characteristics, we talked about family traits: do we look like a particular member of our family, is there anything genetic that runs through our family and so on. Finally, we played a game to find other Brownies with the same and different characteristics than us. The girls particularly liked this game and loved thinking of random “special” skills such as Ellie asking if anyone else had “spready toes” which resulted in all Brownies removing their socks and seeing how far they could spread their toes. Buttercup was impressed and had never seen anything like it before!

This week’s break activity was to make a unique egg carton portrait. Using an empty cardboard egg carton, the girls created a face using parts of the carton, adding paper hair and decorating to represent themselves. A nice simple craft but with fabulous results! Photo of our fantastic portraits have been uploaded.

After break, we completed the “What do we share?” activity, the aim of which was to discover new things about our friends and explore what we have in common, as well as what makes each of us unique. We started by writing down 3 facts about ourselves that we didn’t mind sharing with the group. For example: “I can speak 2 languages” or “I bite my nails” or “I love strawberries” etc. We then played “snap” by taking turns to read out one fact and seeing if any one else had the same fact. We followed this up with another game to see how many Brownies shared one or more facts. It was fun to learn lots of new things about each other. Our last fact to match was “I am a member of 1st Waddington (RAF) Brownies” – a great fact with 10 matches!

We finished off with our favourite quick round scavenger hunt then all too soon it was time to say goodnight. A massive thank you to Buttercup for running the meeting at such short notice.

That’s it for now, Group 2’s turn to do these activities next week.

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