Monday 22 February – Clowning Around!

Excitingly, we welcomed a new starter to our Unit; Holly is joining us for a 3-week trial period to see if she likes virtual Guiding before hopefully joining us fully after Easter. Holly has been put into the Foxes Six for now and will join Group 1.  A massive Brownie hello and welcome to Holly.

As well as celebrating World Thinking Day this week, we also started our Emotions theme.  We watched a lovely video of a very catchy Thinking Day tune that got us all tapping our feet and smiling before discussing briefly what World Thinking Day was all about and reminiscing about attending the District event last year where we had Salsa dancing and made Mexican themed crafts.

Our first activity was the Clowning Around UMA. The aim was to try and make someone laugh using just our faces, try out facial warm up exercises and practice using different expressions.  We tried 4 different face warm ups:

  1. Open wide – raising our eyebrows and opening our mouths as wide as possible. This was funny as Daffodil’s jaw kept clicking!
  2. Rumple it up – using our hands either side of our face we scrunched it up as small as possible.
  3. Chewy toffee – we had to pretend we were eating the chewiest piece of toffee in the world – moving our mouths around to get all the flavour!
  4. Stretch it out- we sat up as straight as possible then slowly moved our head from left to right to stretch our neck muscles.

Once we finished warming up our faces, we practiced over the top expressions including sad, angry, surprised and happy. The Brownies then took turns to pick their own emotions and express it with everyone else guessing.

Time for some quick games; Daffodil has put all our favourite time fillers on one PowerPoint presentation numbered 1 – 30 so asked a Brownie to pick a number and this was the game we played. Games chosen this week were Play Your Cards Right, Brownie Says and a Snowman beetle drive.

Our next activity was Exploring Emojis, part of the Communicate Skills builder badge. The aim was to explore when emojis are used, create our own emojis and understand the different meanings of emojis. We started off by playing emoji snap with the cards included in our zoom packs. Unfortunately, it would seem Daffodil has mixed up the packs and send the wrong cards to each group so no Brownie had the matching meaning with the emoji! Never mind, we still got to see lots of different emotions and realised that they weren’t just smiley faces but could include anything from the weather to food to activities.  For break, the Brownies drew their 3 favourite emojis and designed 3 new ones. After break we checked out the results and had some amazing emojis creations. We were particularly impressed by Jasmine, who designed 3 emoji to describe how she feels sometimes.  We finished off the activity by discussing the right and wrong times to use emojis and had a quiz to work out the phrase. Well done Amelia, who guessed it straight away.

Our last activity was the Colourful Memories UMA; the aim of this was to test our memory skills and explore how dementia can affect someone’s memory. Firstly, Daffodil explained what dementia was and we discussed it briefly to see if anyone knew anything about it. Next we wrote down our favourite memory and took turns to ask each other questions about memories – focusing on smells, sights and sounds. Lastly, we chatted about way we could help people with dementia remember happy memories.

Just time for a very quick round of scavenger hunt then it was time to go. See everyone in 2 weeks!

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