Monday 15 March – Voicing My Values

We continued our music theme with Group 2 and had a smashing meeting, singing, playing our instruments and trying out new games. The Brownies finished the last Reflect Stage 3 Skills Builder: Voicing our Values.  The aim of the activity was to refresh what we know about Girlguiding values, explore the values we share and celebrate these shared values.  We talked about what a value is and then looked at our Promise to see what values it incorporates. We then had a practice of the song “If you’re happy and you know it .. clap your hands” before having a go at creating a song to talk about these values.  Again, our Brownies struggled to think of any new values so we used the examples on the card to create 4 new lines to the song.  These included “If you’re a good friend to all guides … wiggle your nose” and “if you are following your dreams .. bounce about” and so on.

Time for a couple of games; Virtual Hide & Seek and bingo. Our break craft was to make our very own banjo out of a jar lid, loom bands and a lollipop stick.  After break, we had a show and tell with any musical instruments we had with demonstrations by Emme on her violin and Ellie on her keyboard.  Buttercup even brought her nose harmonica!

We played a variety of games with the girls picking the games from our time filler PowerPoint slides. Group 2 got to try 2 new games for the first time: 20 seconds – the Brownies took turns to talk for 20 seconds on a topic before passing it to someone else; and Izzy Whizzy – waving our magic wands and turning the Brownies into different animals which we then had to pretend to be – very funny! We also played battleships, would you rather, hangman and funny pictures.

That’s it, our last 2 meetings start next week with the amazing theme of “space”. We will be looking at the constellations, making our own telescope and learning about the universe!  See you then.

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