Monday 22 March – Cosmic Clues

This week was Space Week so we started with Cosmic Clues from the Have Adventures theme. Our aim was to crack a code to save an astronaut’s life! We made a model telescope by watching the Girlguiding activity video, found out how telescopes worked and then as a team found the secret code. Each Brownie had a piece of the secret code in their Zoom packs which we all read out before working out what the code was.  A good activity and the telescopes were nice and simple to make (once we’d got the hang of the clinging cling film!!).

We tried a new game “Generation Game” with Buttercup slowly passing 10 random objects in front of the screen which we had to memorise. Well done Aurora for remembering 8 out of 10. Our next activity was Night Sky Observers. On a clear night it is actually possible to see up to 4,000 stars sparking in our universe all year round. Our aim was to complete an I Spy sheet outside, make a constellation viewer and improve our observations skills. We started off by watching a CBBC clip on the North Star and constellations. It was then time for our break so Brownies put on their coats and popped out to their gardens to complete the Night Sky I Spy sheet; unfortunately, it was not quite dark enough to complete the constellation viewers so we just drew pictures of what we could see.

After break, we completed the Start with a Bang UMA; again, we started with another short video this time explaining the Big Bang and how our universe started.  The aim of the activity was to retell the biggest story in existence by miming how the universe started; this was a little trickier via zoom as we didn’t have the space to really spread out and jump around but it still worked! Daffodil read out the story and the Brownies had to “mimic” the actions, for example:

“Imagine you’re at the centre of the universe, before everything began, around 14  billion years ago. Altogether, do the biggest jump outwards you can show the big bang happening. The Big Bang was a huge explosion that created the universe. The explosion causes everything to move outwards and get bigger. Make the universe bigger by jumping backwards twice.  And so on.

Once the story had finished, we added our own actions for the last few steps then practiced the moves again.  We played a very funny game where we had to make everyone laugh by using funny voices or pulling faces while saying “This is a very serious and solemn occasion”.

We finished the meeting with lots of games including Brownie Says, Izzy Whizzy, I Spy and a scavenger hunt as chosen by Libby and Sophie before saying a sad but fond farewell to both as they are moving up to Guides after Easter. Goodbye and good luck girls, we will miss you but wish you well on your next Guiding adventure.  We also said a temporary goodbye to the rest of Group 1 as we won’t see them again until after Easter – have a great Easter girls.

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